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The Hero's Journey

Made for English 2: Fiction/Hero's Journey Unit

Christine Kern

on 3 January 2018

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Transcript of The Hero's Journey

The Hero's Journey
3 phases, 12 stages, and archetypes
I. Departure
The Three Phases
where the hero leaves his comfortable and familiar world and venture into the darkness of the unknown
II. Initiation
where the hero is subjected to a series of tests in which he must prove his character.
III. Return
in which the hero brings the boon (reward/what he learned) of his quest back for the benefit of his people.
The Hero's Journey has 12 stages...
1: The Ordinary World
The ordinary world is the birth, home base, and background of the hero.
2: The Call to Adventure
The call to adventure is the point in a person's life when they are first given notice that everything is going to change, whether they know it or not.
3: Refusal of the Call
The hero is not yet fully committed to the journey, some other influence is required to get past the turning point of fear.
4: Meeting the Mentor
The hero is introduced to his/her mentor to prepare the hero to face the unknown.
5: Crossing the first Threshold
This is the point where the person actually crosses into the field of adventure, leaving the known limits of his or her world and venturing into an unknown and dangerous realm where the rules and limits are not known.
6: Road of Trials: Tests and Ordeals
The tests, tasks, or ordeals usually come in a series (three) that the person must undergo to begin the transformation. Often, the person fails one or more of these tests.
7: Approach the inmost Cave
The hero has hit setbacks during tests and may need to try a new idea. The hero comes to the edge of a dangerous place where the object of the quest is hidden.
8: Ordeal/Belly of the Whale/Abyss
The hero faces his greatest challenge. Here is where the hero must "slay the dragon". The dragon often is the thing the hero dreads and needs to overcome.
9: Reward
The hero has survived death, overcomes his fear, and now earns the reward.
10: Transformation/Second Threshold
The hero is transformed. The transformation is the moment of death and rebirth. Often the transformation takes the form of a revelation, a discovery or insight about oneself or one's culture. This revelation involves a change in consciousness, a change in the way the hero views life.
11: The Atonement
The atonement involves a process of accepting the new transformed self. the transformation has brought the hero into harmony with life and the world. The hero may become stronger, a better leader, or spiritually enlightened. Also, the goal of the quest has been achieved.
12: The Return
The return to everyday life is one of the most difficult stages of the journey. The trick in returning is to retain the wisdom gained on thw quest and to share the wisdom with the rest of the world.
are the different kinds or types of characters in the story.
Central figures in stories. Everyone is the hero of his or her own myth.
Villains and enemies, perhaps the enemy within. The dark side of the force, the repressed possibilities of the hero, his or her potential evil. Can be other kinds of repression, such as repressed grief, anger, frustration or creativity that is dangerous if it doesn't have an outlet.
The hero's guide or guiding principles. Yoda, Merlin, a great coach or teacher.
One who brings the Call to Adventure. Could be a person or an event.
Usually in back story/flash backs... think Star Wars intro...
It's that moment when the hero experiences a sudden, and life changing event... like getting a letter to Hogwarts. Or your parents launch you out into space, because your world is about to explode (Superman).
Threshold Guardians
The forces that stand in the way at important points, including jealous enemies, professional gate-keepers, or your own fears and doubts.

In stories, creatures like Vampires or Warewolves can change shapes. In life, the shapeshifter represents change. The way other people (or our perceptions of them) keep changing. The opposite sex, the way people can be two-faced.
Clowns and mischief-makers (Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck), our own mischievous subconscious, urging us to change.
Characters who help the hero through the change. Sidekicks and buddies who advise the hero through the transitions of life.
Pairs Project!! Use the following picture to map out your favorite Hero's Journey story.
It has to be different than your own example in your interactive notebook!
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