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Cotton Plantations in Alabama

English project

Nessa 34

on 28 May 2014

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Transcript of Cotton Plantations in Alabama

Cotton Plantations
after the Civil War

By: Brooke an Vanessa
The Civil War devastated Alabama's economy. Farmers had to produce cotton with a new system because wartime destruction of property. Cotton was still the most viable cash crop and the most viable labor source was slaves.
Effects of the Civil War
55 years after the Civil War hit Alabama, Alabamians planted almost 1.25 million acres of cotton. Alabama had 2 million acres of cotton as of 1877. Cotton was on its way of making a come back to Alabama's economy.
Years After The Civil War
In 1915, the Boil Weevil devastated
Alabama's economy and fields. The boil weevil
is a small Central American insect that feeds on
cotton. The cotton production dropped 60 pounds between 1915-1916. Especially, many farmers in the south suffered and had to turn to growing peanuts till the annoying bug passed.
The Boil Weevil
The impacted from the Civil War was so huge on Alabama's economy and agriculture. Charles S. Aiken was inspired to write a book about it ;
The Cotton Plantation South Since the Civil War.
Even A Book!
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Cotton State



Alabama was known as the "Cotton State' or "King Cotton'. Many southern states we referred to as Cotton Plantation States but Alabama stood out the most. Alabama was central of the Cotton Belt therefore known as the Cotton State. Alabama was the leading cotton producer.
And now your all
probably wondering...
What is a Cotton Belt?
A Cotton Belt is a chain of states in America that has cotton as its primary crop in the 19th century (South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi).
One of the most common uses of labor
at this time of the century was black slavery. Black people worked in the cotton fields for long hours a day. They were paid very little to nothing and had to start at ages 3-4 years old.

(probably only Mrs. Armstrong...)
It's Sadly Done
We hope everyone learned something and might have enjoyed something. Long story short, the effects of the Civil War on Alabama were not pretty.
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