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Direct, Purposeful Experiences And Beyond

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Mariafe Apostol

on 2 December 2014

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Transcript of Direct, Purposeful Experiences And Beyond


Why are these direct experiences described to be purposeful?
Because the experiences are not purely mechanical. They are not a matter of going through the motion. These are not "mere sensory excitation". They are experiences that are internalized in the sense that these experiences that asking questions that have significance in the life of the person undergoing the direct experiences.
If direct, purposeful
experiences or firsthand sensory experiences make us learn concepts and skills effectively, what does this imply to the teaching-learning process?
What are referred to as direct, purposeful experiences
After seeing instructional materials as a whole, let u single out direct, purposeful experiences as instructional materials, the most real in Dale's Cone of Experience. Let's learn how they can be effectively used for instruction.
Focus Questions:
What do direct,
refer to?
For meaningful
where should these
direct and purposeful experiences lead the learners to?
These are our concrete and firsthand experiences that make up the foundation of learning. These are the rich experiences that our senses bring from which we construct the ides, the concepts, the generalizations that give meaning and order to our lives. (Dale 1969)
In Contrast, indirect experiences are experiences of other... people that we observe , read or hear about. They are not our own self-experiences but still experiences in the sense that we see, read and hear about them. They are not first hand but rather vicarious or indirect experiences.
Climbing mountain is firsthand, direct experience.Seing it done in films or reading about it is a vicarious, substitute experience
Baking black forest cake or see it done in the TV or read in a magazines.
Let us give our students opportunities to learn by doing
let us make use real
things as instructional materials for as long as we can.
let us help students develop the 5 senses to the full.
let us guide our students so that
they can draw meaning from their firsthand experiences and elevate their level of thinking.
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