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Hong Kong cuisine appreciation

No description

Kelly Tse

on 16 November 2016

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Transcript of Hong Kong cuisine appreciation

The Reason Why We Choose the Dish
Traditional and representative Hong
Kong dessert



Any Modification Made to the Dish
How it is Related to Hong Kong culture
Many Chinese restaurants and dessert stores in Hong Kong

The secret tool of the Guanyin ------
Journey to The West

A flavour of the snowy mooncake for Mid-Autumn Festival
How to Promote Hong Kong Culture through this Dish

Add descriptions about its relationship with Hong Kong's culture at Chinese restaurants and dessert shops

Use different languages, travellers can try it and learn the culture

The Origin of the Dish
Invented by Lei Garden in 1981

Flavours of Singaporean

Tropical rainforest climate


Ingredients left
Hong Kong Cuisine Appreciation
Crystal(2) , Nicole(16) , kelly (21) , celine (23)
Any Special Techniques used in cooking
Our Experience in Researching and Preparing for the Dish
After simmering, turn off the heat
and cover the pot

Use a juicer to mince the bananas

Cool down the sago by a sieve
Coconut milk
Evaporated milk
Mango Sago Dessert with Pomelo ( Yoji Nectar)
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