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Who I am

My family tree

Amanda Vaughn

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Who I am

Who I AM My Family Tree
B: May 21, 1981
Cervical Cancer
Allergies Amanda Renea Woods Vaughn Jamie Renea Wright B: August 18,1998
Severe allergy to oats
Migraines Courtney DeShae Wright B: January 17, 2000
Migraines Thomas Mitchell Vaughn B: August 25, 1982 Veronica Otianna Vaughn B: January 25, 2007
Allergies Lorie Lynn Woods B: December 16, 1968
Endometreosis Denise Merelle Woods B: November 7, 1965
Endometreosis Brian Neal Yokley B: January 26, 1983
OCD Talmage Ethan Gray Hodges B: March 9, 2005 Stacy Denise Yokley B: March 20, 1985
Kidney Stones Mylaiah Alise Chambers B: December 28, 2006 Miya Adalyn Chambers B: April 15, 2008
CMV Donna DeAnn Wheat B: October 23, 1964
Endometreosis Terra LaShae Maxey B: June 20, 1985 Marcus Sanders Maxey B: August 23, 2005 Emma Kate Maxey B: April 22, 2013 Morris Sanders Maxey B: June 26, 19? Brittany Lynn Austin B: May 14, 1989 Natalie LeAnn Austin B: November 2, 2011 Whittany Ann Shaw B: May 14, 1989 Jeffery Glenn Wheat B: December 16, 1963 Emphysema Bethany Danielle Wheat B: March 16, 1991 Addison Grace Wheat B: January 6, 2008 Woods
(My parents) Donald Neal Woods B: June 28, 1947
High Cholesterol Patsy DeAnn Woods September 21, 1947
Heart Disease
Allergies Janice Criswell B: 1957
Endometreosis Conan Goolsby B:1975 Eric Goolsby B: 1978 Devon Goolsby B: 1982 Janie Meadows B: 1955 Michael Sheffield B: 1975 Steve Meadows B: 1958 Danny Turner B: 1950
High Blood Pressure Peggy Turner B: June 28, 1952
D: May 9, 1992
Cancer Jeremy Turner B: 1973
High Blood Pressure Lisa Turner B: 1975 Turner
grandparents) Leland Clay Turner B: 1921
D: 1973
Fatal tractor accident Clarine Turner B: 1931
D: 1986
Lung Cancer that led to the brain Rex Turner Velma Jones Cecil Turner Edward Turner Delza Wooten Alta Napper Beecham Turner Edgar Turner Harlan Turner William Harrison Turner B: 1858
D: 1929
Bright's Disease Nellie Turner B: 1897
D: 1987
Cancer Alonzo Turner B: 1885
D: 1944
Cancer Cora Turner Key B: 1894
D: 1970
Stroke Gearldine Mills B: 1945
Heart Disease Sonia Wix B: 1970
Cancer Kirk Wix B: 1968
High Blood Pressure Christy Dismon B: 1971 Terry Dismon B: 1969 Todd Woods B: May 21, 1942
D: 1949
Unknown Burlin Woods B: 1938
Arthritis Robert Woods B: 1962
Peridontal Disease Ronnie Woods B: 1963 Lisa Woods B: 1969 Peggy Woods B: 1942
Heart Disease Billy Woods B: 1937
D: 1937 (3months old)
Unknown William Woods B: 1935
Died at birth Shirley Woods B: 1933
Died at birth Vernon Woods B: 1931
D: 1983
Shot Anita Pedigo B: 1954
D: 2007
Lung cancer
Died of suffication Arnold Woods B: 1954
D: 2013
Heart Disease
Fatal Heart Attack Roger Woods B: 1956
High blood pressure
Glaucoma Vanessa Stevens B: 1954 Tammy Woods B: 1963
Heart Trouble
Mental Block
Epileptic seizures Dale Woods B: Terry Joe Woods B: Wendy Woods Woods
grandparents) Hubert Clay Woods B: 1907
D: 1979
Fatal Heart Attack Maude Lillian Woods B: 1913
D: 2001
Fatal Heart Attack Alley Woods Orvell Wood B: 1876
D: 1940 Etta Cross Jasper Temples B: 1879
D: 1963 Cora Temples B:
Complications during child birth Verda Sarah Betty Wood Temples Turner Turner Wright Vaughn Twins 3 kids; 2 girls
and 1 boy 1 girl 6 kids; 3 biological girls, 1 adopted girl, 1 biological boy, and 1 adopted boy 1 boy 1 girl Jeff Yokley Cortney Austin B: February 9, 1987 Jessica Hodges Brian Chambers CJ Pedigo Keith Shaw Royce Sheffield Terry Goolsby Roger Mills James Wright Dora May 1 girl 1 girl 4 kids; 3 boys and 1 girl Jessie Lee Pedigo 3 boys B:
D: Ossie Bell B: 1947
D: 1998
Heart Disease
Hipertension 4 kids; 2 boys and 2 girls Rex Stevens (great-grandparents) (great-grandparents) (great-grandparents) (great-grandparents) B: March 5,1917
D: August 23,1986
Cancer of the Gallbladder and liver B: December 23, 1924
D: December 28, 2009 B: March 19, 1928
D: May 30, 2004
Subdermal hematona B: May 29, 1914
D: December 30, 1984
Fatal Car accident B: June 14, 1917
D: March 30, 1981
Stroke B: April 7, 1921
D: July 1, 1981
Fatal Heart Attack B: July 7, 1933
D: November 26, 2008
Fatal Heart Attack Mary Ann B: May 12, 1927 B: December 5, 1922
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