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Kyra Wilson

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Turkey

Turkey What is genocide? the deliberate and systematic exterm
ination of a national, racial, political, or cultural group. Who was affected by genocide? Armenians 1915-1918 1,500,000 Deaths What is the historical backround of the country? People? Where did the atrocities occur? When did the genocide happen? 1915-1918 Why did this particular genocide happen? Did anyone, outside of the country, help and who was it? If no one intervened, why? Two million Armenians were eliminated from their home land in the 20th century from forced deportations and massacres. Ismail Enver Pasha Born on 22 November 1881 in Istanbul. A trained military officer, he is a leader of the Young Turk revolution 1923
Foundation of the modern Republic of Turkey by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. Many things happen all at once

Ataturk dies in Istanbul's Dolmabahce palace

Turkey manages to remain neutral during the second world war

Charter membership of the UN

Turkey joins NATO

Military coup, successive governments ineffective

Associate member status of EU

Cyprus crisis

Kanan Evren leads military coup. 3 years of military government

Turgut Ozal elected prime Minister

Full EU membership for Turkey impeded by Cypriot issue and questions over human rights record

Suleyman Demirel elected Prime Minister, inflation at 70%

Demirel President, Tansu Ciller Prime Minister, Turkey joins EU Customs Union

5 attempts at forming coalition governments, Islamic Welfare party disbanded, reforms as Virtue and is the largest single party in parliament. Military intervenes to prevent Islamicists forming governments. 75th Anniversary of the Turkish Republic (and 15th of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus) celebrated.

This happened because the Turkish goverment led them into world war 1 against the European allies. Many Aremedians were killed along with many Terks. American archives, the American missionary archives, the British archives, the Italian archives, and even the archives of the Germans and Austrians, the allies of the Turks.
Ahmet Cemal Pasha Born on 6 May 1872 in Istanbul, the capital of Ottoman Empire. He is the son of military pharmacist. A trained military officer, Cemal joins the CUP while in service, working as a military operative for the committee. By the time of the 'Young Turk' revolution of 1908 he is a leader of the CUP. Mehmet Talat Pasha Born in 1874 in Edirne, in eastern Thrace (the Balkan Peninsula), he is not a Turk but of Pomak descent. His father is a minor Ottoman official. As a senior telegraphist and member of the CUP, Talat plays a key role in the planning of the Young Turk revolution. The Three Pashas Turkey Genocide Pictures & Video Turkey had allies who helped them so they were helped when the genocide was happening. The atrocities occured in turkey and near the Hoppa wich is the black sea. Where it was a battle between the Russians and the Turkish Army. I pledge to reuse water bottles in stead of
throwing them out. - Bailey Tymchuk I pledge to try and help out the community as much as i can. - Kyra Wilson Pledges Statistics Name of Armenian Region and settlement (1914 Number of Armenian settlements (1914) Number of Armenian Churches (1914) Number of Armenian Schools (1914) 1914 Population

Erzerum 425 482 322 215,000

Van 450 537 192 197,000

Diarbekir 249 158 122 124,000

Kharput 279 307 204 204,000

Bitlis 618 671 207 220,000

Sivas 241 219 204 225,000

Trebizond 118 109 190 73,390

Western Anatolia 237 281 300 371,800

Cilicia & Northern Syria 187 537 176 309,000

European Turkey 58 67 79 194,000

TOTAL 2,925 3,368 1.996 2,133,190

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