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Harry Kim

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Timeline

Preferable Future Current Situation March 2003: American begins invasion of Iraq after Iraqi President Saddam Hussein fails to comply with American demands
International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) stated that Iraq does not have any nuclear weapons, and they will not produce anymore
American demands include disabling all (supposedly existent) nuclear, biological and chemical weapons
September 2007: Russian submarine plants a flag 13000 ft. underneath sea water and take it as Russian territory
Russia defends claim by stating that the territory will be used for scientific research
The move angered several nations, notably Canada and Denmark who have claims near that region
Speculations arise that the Russian Arctic area holds more than 10 billion tons of fuel which may give Russia and advantage in the future when the world is low on oil
Spetember 2007: A Recession begins worldwide
March 2008: price of oil went up higher at $147.30 per barrel of oil
OPEC is pressured by the West and several other nations such as China to lower the price of oil by increasing production
Airlines began to go bankrupt due to high price of oil, business of flights started to go down
Probable Future TIMELINE OF OUR FUTURE 2000-2010 2011-2050 January 2011- Oil Spill in the gulf of thailand causing all the fishes to die, making all the fishermen lose thier business.
August 2011- Supply of oil decreases, oil demand increases, puts alot of pressure on the oil industry worldwide.
December 2011- A global recession starts
March 2015- War over oil with Saudi Arabia, Israel and Iraq.
September 2030- China starts to use less car beucase of the reduced amount supply of oil
December 2030- Sweden stoped producing cars becuase of the recession still going on globally., solar storm wll appear
Marh 2040- Recession gets worse
June 2050- More oil spills are around beucase of lack of new advanced technology
December 2050- People start to produce less cars

2011-2050 Ethanol, fossil fuels meaning fuels made out of corn, sugar and wheat
Recycled products are being used dmore efficientnly
Battery solar, hybrind cars are being used more often
Wind turbines are used to generate elctricity
Supply and usage of oil will decrease
Economy crisis will be better

Current Situation
World Oil Production Graph:
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