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Gia Barone

on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

In What Type Of People?
What is Skin Cancer?
Skin cancer is the uncontrolled growth of abnormal skin cells
Skin cancer is a disease shown clearly on the surface of the skin. Skin cancer is most common cancer.
What is the cause of skin cancer?
The cancer forms in the tissue of the skin. That forms in melanocytes (skin cells that make pigment) is called melanoma. This is caused by the UV rays from the sun. So when you go to the beach next time don't forget to put on sun block.
It's most common in people under the age of 20.
Mainly in people who really enjoy swimming and or tanning beds (UV rays)
Melanoma could also occur in eye , mainly people with light eye color such as blue, light-brown, green
Most skin cancer is diagnosed and treated in the same way. When an area of skin does not look normal, the doctor may remove all or part of the growth. This is called a biopsy.
How is skin cancer diagnosed?
The doctor then checks for cancerous cells in the tissue.
Many skin cancers can be cut from the skin quickly and easily. The cancer is sometimes completely removed at the time of the biopsy, and no further treatment is needed. If the skin cancer spreads it may be impossible to get rid of, but can still be treated to hopefully prevent death. Other treatments include Cryosurgery, Laser Therapy, Radiotherapy, and Topical Chemotherapy.
Skin Cancer
The are a variety of different skin cancer these symptoms include changes in the skin and do not heal, ulcer in the skin ,itchiness, pain, dryness, scaliness, oozing, bleeding, change of skin color,,and moles change of color and shape.
Random dog?
Radiation therapy.
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