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Input and output devices of Interactive TVs

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Jack Floyd

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of Input and output devices of Interactive TVs

Home Entertainment Interactive Television Definition TV services by a remote TV services by phone TV services via Internet TVs Different types of interactive TV services An interactive TV service is where the user affects what happens on the TV for example, a real-time voting system. Another example could be the use of buying things off of a channel. Usually, the buttons on the users TV remote will directly act with the TV channel. For example, on some channels like QVC, Bid TV and Argos TV. Theses work by the user pressing a certain button (usually the red button) and then entering their personal details to purchase the goods on screen. Then, a counter on the screen will go down showing how many are left. A TV remote is an input device This works a lot like it with a remote but by phone. the user will phone up the TV service for example, a voting pole and then choose which thing they would like to vote for. The phone is also an input device. This is a lot like the other two in the way you simply press several buttons and things like bidding and voting can be counted. Your TV will connect to the internet and you can put what you want. Virgin have recently done this. The internet TV is also an input device. There are many different kinds for example there could be shopping channels like QVC, Bid TV and Argos TV, betting channels like Bet TV, BETTING CHANNEL SKY 886 and Virtual Channel, voting channels like One Vote 2012, Britain's Got Talent and The Facebook Voting Channel and Dating Channels like The Dating Channel, Channel Island Singles and London Dating. There are many different channels for many benefits.
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