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Kraft Peanut Butter

No description

teiyanna bolyard

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Kraft Peanut Butter

Kraft Peanut Butter
The Kraft peanut butter is available at almost any convenient store to grocery store across North America. Some of the stores that sell this product are Metro, No frills and even Walmart. The company it's self does not have its own stores, but it can be sold online through private online grocery stores, for peoples convenience. Kraft does not sell straight to their customers, they sell it through a retailer which will sell it to the customer directly.
Sales promotion-
Kraft peanut butter is not big into doing a lot of contests for customers. One contest that is new is, you get to make a design on a piece of toast with peanut butter on it, and submit it into a contest. Kraft may use it in their future advertisements. The contest is called " let's get creative". Kraft has meany deals on their peanut butter with discount coupons. They have deals like save $2.80 on peanut butter with the maximum of 3 purchases per each family.
Kraft peanut butter advertises a lot in flyers of retail grocery stores, with sales of the week. You are most likely not to see any Kraft peanut butter ads in your local newspaper, since its a larger company that promotes to more than one city. You may see Kraft peanut butter ads in family and mothers magazines, since that is their target market.
Kraft peanut butter has given 67,523 500G jars of peanut butter to 7 cities across North America, as a sponsorship at spread the feeling events, hosted by Kraft, to end world hunger.
E Marketing-
Kraft has a website that features Kraft peanut butter, as well as its other products. Kraft has a Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and a Youtube accounts. They have used these accounts and websites, to show favorite recipes using their product and information about their products.
Direct mail-
You are able to give your email account to Kraft, and they will send you recipes which use their product and any featured deals.
Product- Kraft Peanut Butter
The product that I am selling is Kraft peanut butter which was founded in the 1960's. There is many different varieties of peanut butter, one for every taste buds. There is honey, banana granola, cinnamon granola raisin, cranberry, crunchy light, smooth light, extra creamy, unsweetened unsalted, whipped, all natural, all natural crunchy and their most popular smooth and crunchy peanut butter. They have chosen to make different varieties of peanut butter to keep their customers in trying their products. Kraft sells not only just peanut butter but other Kraft products like Kraft dinner, Oreo's, Jello, Chrystal light and so many more well known snacks and meals.
Product Life Cycle and Branding
The Kraft peanut butter has been around for a very long time. In my opinion, Kraft peanut butter is in the maturity stage because their product is used by many people in Canada and the U.S. Kraft peanut butter has stuck around due to the fact that they have used a strategy called extension strategies, they have used this technique because they are trying to get their regular customers to keep coming back to buy their new products. By making new flavors of peanut butter, the business has made their product unique over the other competitors due to that fact. The brand image of this product is healthy, kid friendly and a tasty snack option. This image is portrayed due to the bright colors, and teddy bears on the front of the product packaging. We have learned in class that companies use cartoon characters to attract young kids in the grocery store, so their parents will most likely buy that product for their child. Kraft peanut butter does not have its own slogan, but the company that owns it Kraft's slogan is "what's cooking?" I think they choose that slogan because it gets people wondering what they need to buy for snacks or a meal, then they end up buying their product.
The U.S. peanut crop is small due to a drought and other reasons, and that’s driving up the price of peanuts significantly. The price of peanut butter is always changing, the reason for this is due to the fact that Kraft is using the competitive pricing strategy to price this product. As well as, promotional pricing. Kraft has decided to use these two strategies because sales will be high because prices are realistic. Also Kraft can get ride of any unwanted stock or can help renew interest if sales are falling, they do that buy putting on a special deal.

any age
more likely females because they typically shop for groceries but also males as well
Martial status
- does not matter, families with young children
Life style-
busy, on the go families with small children
active, like to travel, spend time together
positive, healthy living
Geographic s-
it really does not matter where our customers live, but they will most likely be in the city or suburbs
the customers who will most likely be buying our product will buy as much as they can when it is on sale, they will buy our product because it is a well-known product of peanut butter.

Kraft Peanut butter has two major competitors which are Jif peanut butter and Skippy peanut butter. Kraft differentiates its self from its biggest competitors Jif and Skippy, by having an eye catchy packaging, with eye catching colors and teddy bears attracting young children. Also, Kraft this past year has come out with a new product line of flavor peanut butter, Which Jif and Skippy have not accomplished yet.
SWOT Analysis
Kraft is good at coming up with new innovative, flavors of peanut butter. To retract regular buyers of this product, and to gain new customers. Kraft has a really good location selling at big retail grocery stores or even continent stores located in almost any town/city. They also have regular sales promotions to make customers but lots of their product at once.
Kraft only has two major competitors but since they are the same product, with little taste difference. Kraft has to keep their price as a competitive price, so they stay in business. Another threat to Kraft is, other companies who are producing peanut butter, are promoting their product a lot more than Kraft.
In my opinion, Kraft needs to promote their new line of product more, because before i started researching this company i had know idea that they had come out with new flavors of peanut butter.
Since Kraft peanut butter is a food product, you cant really sell this product online. But i think Kraft should sell bulk packages to local charities, group homes or even schools. It would promote healthy, nutritious breakfast and snacks. Instead of targeting to families with young children, i also think Kraft should target college/ university students, who are looking to make something quick like a peanut butter sandwhich.
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