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Adam Preecer

on 6 July 2016

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Transcript of Quickscoping

Quickscoping and Trickshots
Call Of Duty
From 2006-2016
Quickscoping is a type of shot in Call Of Duty which is seen as skill with a Sniper
This has gotten very popular as Games and Call Of Duty as a whole has grown as some people have started teams some such as Faze and Amplify Gaming as these teams are treated as professional Premier League Teams.
Amplify Preecer
is the most famous feeder of all time.
The First CoD's
A reason to hit these quickscopes is because people hit quads or aka clips which can be edited to make montages which is made by multiple teams.
This is a shot where the person is spinning and doing actions in the game to hit a person normally the final kill so everyone can see the final killcam.
Trickshots and quickscoping was not big in these CoD's
Modern Warfare 2/3
Modern warfare 2 and 3 was where CoD sniping was made and took off. Modern Warfare 2 was mostly where trickshotting was invented. However Modern Warfare 3 was where quickscoping and feeds where more common
Black Ops 2
This is where trickshotting took off with instaswaping and nacs. As this was the first game you could instaswap on and nac such as moni, select-fire nac and hybrid nac as well as Fastswap.
G-Fuel & Scuf
These companies are some of the biggest companies in gaming right now

Scuf makes special controllers with special trigger stops and customizable remapable paddles on the back from the A,X,Y,B buttons

G-Fuel makes special formula which cannot only be used for gaming but it is what it is mostly used for. It will help maintain focus and increase reaction time.
This is a type of team video everyone can apply as they have a set amount of days to hit as many and as good clips as they can
These are some simple examples from Amplify Gaming and these are some of the most iconic spots to trickshot off on these games.
This video is an example for a recruitment challenge video
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