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Dance In The 2000's

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brianna oliveira

on 29 January 2014

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Transcript of Dance In The 2000's

Dance In The 2000's
Popular Dances
Dance: The Dougie

Most Popular: 2007

Song Most Associated With The Dance: Cali Swag District “Teach Me How To Dougie”
Cha Cha Slide
Today's popular culture has had an influence on dance and has grown significantly in the past several years. The of world dance used to be directly to those who danced and those who made the effort to buy tickets to see professional dancers. There are now movies that you could pick up from a movie store or watch online. There are also many dance competitions on TV. More and more people are gaining the insight into this rapid growing sport.
One of the biggest dance TV show is So You Think You Can Dance. The series premiered 20th of July in 2005. It is now moving towards it's 11th season.
Dance: Chicken Noodle Soup

Most Popular: 2006

Song Most Associated With Dance: DJ Webstar & Young B “Chicken Noodle Soup”
Another poplar television show is Dancing with the stars. It first aired on July 1st in 2005, and just finished their 17th season.
Brianna Oliveira
Dance ISU

It attracts a large audience for it's primetime slot but also greatly influences dance. The show shapes the different styles and genres of dance.
The show pares up celebrities and well know ball room dancers. The competition is based on the votes of viewers and judges.
Movies From The 2000`s
Dance: Shoulder Lean
Most Popular: 2006
Song Most Associated With Dance: Young Dro'
Dance: The Superman
Most Popular: 2006
Song Most Associated With Dance: Soulja Boy
Dance: Lean Wit It
Most Popular: 2006
Song Most Associated With Dance: Dem Franchise Boyz
Dance: Stanky Legg
Most Popular: 2008
Song Most Associated With Dance: GS Boyz
Dance: Cha Cha Slide
Most Popular: 2000
Song Most Associated With Dance:The Cha Cha Slide - Dj Casper








What's Chicken Noodle soup?
What Was The Dance Style In The 2000's?
In the 2000's, their was never just one dance style that everyone danced. During the century, all of the styles had been mixed but was based on hip-hop. People are influenced by the music that we listen to and what we dance to. Within that music, everyone interprets it differently. One dance style that grown a lot during the 2000's is contemporary.
Social Dance
Julianne Hough
In the 2000's social dance can range from a dance within the community or a dinner/party you are attending. A lot of the people were dancing to music that already had a dance to it.
Contemporary Dance
This dance style was developed around the middle of the 20th century. It has now grow to be the most popular style for trained dancers.
Contemporary is an expressive dance that includes dance styles like modern, lyrical, jazz and ballet. The dancer connects the mind and body though fluid dance movements.
As dance grew, more and more opportunities became available for people to learn. There are many studios around communities and some schools have it as a course. For people that don't want to learn, they can now watch professional dancers on one of the many t.v shows, or on the web.
Julianne was born July 20 in 1988. She is a dancer, country music singer, and actress. She was the youngest of five of her "dance family". Her siblings are all professional dancers as well. She trained at Center Stage Performing arts in Utah before going to LA. At 18(2006) she joined Dancing With the Stars as a Company Dancer. Julianne joined the cast in Seasons 4-7, winning twice in a row. She became the youngest person who ever won. In 2008 and 2009, she was nominated for a Creative Arts Emmy for choreography in Dancing with the Stars.
Professional Dance
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