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Antaragni'13 Head Security

No description

Saurabh Baggaru

on 10 April 2013

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Transcript of Antaragni'13 Head Security

Saurabh Baggaru
Nominee for Head Security Mission and Vision Team Structure Timeline Make Techkriti'14 a successful festival , where safety and serviceability will be my prime motto.

Smooth and peaceful conduction of the events.

Focus on working in coherence with the various coordinators.

Better coordination amongst team members.

Better coordination amongst team members Audi PSO's-

SSOs & SOs will be selected by mid of December.

Distribution of I-Cards to the team - 2 or 3 days before the start of festival.

Steering Committee will be formed by end of November.

Finalization of all security plans with FAC and steering committee till mid of November.

Presentation of pre conduction report in senate- 2 weeks before the start of Techkriti'14.

STF will be formed by the end of December.

Distribution of all security passes - 1 week before the commencement of Techkriti'14. THANK YOU 8 PSOs (6 boys+2 girl) 12 SSOs (9 boys+3 girl) 14 SOs (12 boys+2 girl) New Sac 9 PSOs (7 boys+2 girls)
12 SSOs (9 boys+3 girls)
16 SOs (13 boys+3 girls) Miscellaneous Old Sac Events

Athletics Ground events

Hall-1 Parking Lot events

Outreach Talks

Casino 8 PSOs (6 boys+2 girls)
10 SSOs (7boys+3girls)
11 SOs (9 boys+2 girls) WORKING PRINCIPLE : Will stand united, and ensure great bonding among group members. Back Up Team 7-8 PSOs (4-5 boys+2-3girls) General Overview Required members of security are present during their slots.

Strict frisking on the opening ceremony and also on each & every event.

Number of barricades required are sufficient enough. i.e. approximately 20 barricades.

The restricted areas - all indicated by the sign NO ENTRY ZONE.

Proper allocation of areas for PARKING - Road b/w Hall-7 & hall-8 and further extension can be made if crowd exceeds.

Passes are distributed in a proper and a convenient way.

Fire-brigade and ambulance will be present at the time of major show/event as a safety measure.

Fine policy will be strictly maintained. Security Plan Auditorium Audi Grounds 5-6 PSOs along with his team and 2-3 SIS guards will patrol inside the Audi Grounds.
Installation of Snacks & Drinks stall for faculty & staff members.
Entry & Exit signals at every gate. New SAC / OAT Other Plans/ Initiatives Audi Grounds 16 PSOs (12 boys+4 girls)
22 SSOs (17 boys+5 girls)
24 SOs (18 boys+6 girls) Safety measures in New Sac
Fire extinguishers installment in new sac arena.
Halogen lights installment at back side area of new sac.

Installment of posters having all restrictions + map of places at IIT Main Gate and hospitality desk.

Enacting parking, No entry, Entry & exit signals.

Provision of laptop locks at New sac (if techkriti happens there otherwise old sac) and Hall-4 (otherwise hall 7).

Provision of space for participant's photograph at page 1 of Hospitality booklets.

Authorization will be given to fixed PSOs to take the participant's caution money back in case of any misbehaving.

Use of mikes to handle the crowd during major shows.

Look into the security arrangements before the event starts.

Mass Messenger required to alert the PSOs will be strictly followed.

Insist the Defence people on the campus for help. Pass Policy Faculty - 4 persons allowed per pass.
Staff - 2 persons allowed per pass.
RA's - 1 person allowed per pass.
Guests - 2 persons allowed per invitation.
Sponsors - 1 person allowed per pass.
Media persons - 1 person allowed per pass.
IITK students - 1 entry on their respective ID Card.
Non IITK Participants - 1 entry on their own respective college ID Card + Hospitality booklets issued by us. 1-2 PSOs and 2-3 SSOs will be at the back gate of auditorium for faculty, staff and exit.

Exit in a proper manner (Faculty/staff first)

Frisking and essential checking at G1 PFno's be written on Faculty/staff/RA pass.
Guest Card to be given to Professional show people/Judges.
Allowance for cameras must have the valid stickers. Installation of parking, entry & exit signals at every Gate.
Two level checking- First at Barricades and then at G1.
Tables to handle the crowd.
Entry will be on Pass, Booklets and ID cards.
G3 will be open for the participants for registration. Interviews done by mid of November Selection Informed by end week of November Hall-10 rear & left side

Faculty residence


Construction areas

Indoor Sports Complex.

Road connecting airstrip to environment building

Academic area (after events) Disc 4 PSOs (3 boys+1girl)
6SSOs (4boys+2girls)
8 SOs (6 boys+2girls)
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