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The Return of Canis Lupus?

No description

Tatiyana Bogle

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of The Return of Canis Lupus?

The Return of Canis Lupus?
Part I
The reasoning behind introducing these gray wolves (Canis Lupus) to the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem was to increase the population of wolves there since they were once scattered because of people killing these animals off with the assumption that they were predators and were viewed as dangerous animals.

During this time of introducing these wolves to the GYE, acclimation pens were used since they weren't used to the ecosystem yet. This caused them to not damage themselves.
Part II (Wolf #21)
In part II of the Canis Lupus passage, Wolf #21 was a wolf that was successful to reproducing. Reasoning for this is because of his strength, size, and his kind gentle spirit.
Part II (Wolf #21) Continued
Other wolves didnt have this same kind and gentle spirit as wolf #21, this caused them to die off or leave the pack of wolves they were with.
Part III
Part III is data of the number of wolves and number of packs at the end of each year, predominant prey species, and livestock predation. With this data upon us, we noticed
Topic 6
Topic 7
Part I Continued
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