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OTL 7803 KQ Report

I have done my KQ Report as a Prezi presentation. Be sure to check out a really great Prezi, "Mathematweets" to see how Twitter and math are connected.

Beverly Glover

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of OTL 7803 KQ Report

KNOWLEDGE QUEST My knowledge quest was about learning how to gather websites into a useful virtual field trip. I chose to use TrackStar because of its ease of use. I like this tool and will use it in the future. However, I am also likely to use Prezi for online field trips where I want to keep the students more “on the tour” so as to keep them focused on very specific topics. When I taught face-to-face classes, one of the absolute best experiences my students had in my class was the day (April 1, actually, no foolin’) I packed them into a bus for a field trip to the zoo. “The zoo” was the Oklahoma City Zoo, about 2 ½ hours away and my students were on a knowledge quest. The previous fall I had scouted out the zoo and put together an activity that would keep 75 students hopping to get everything answered in 4 hours. There were a couple of catches: no use of electronic gadgets to find the answers, no cornering zoo employees and asking for help, and no calling me. Since my due date for my second child was a week away, the administration forbade me to go (Nicholas did not arrive until April 25!) Happy 2nd Birthday Nicky! My students came back from that experience rejuvenated by seeing so many animals and had concrete visuals they created (picture taking was required). When we continued with the conservation biology unit, they felt more connected to the material than previous classes. After teaching online biology, my interest became how to assemble an experience for my online students that would help inspire that same awe. I’m not big into technology replacing reality; there is no substitute in my book for being there but aside from assigning field work to online students, virtual tours are a way to go to bring home some of the grandeur of life. This assignment let me play with ways to present virtual field trips. I began this process by thinking about tools I have heard described: Prezi, Diigo, NBII, Gap Minder, Intel teacher units; and tools I have used personally and professionally: Picasa, Google Data, DimDim. There were many tools that I wanted to include on the tour but did not: the virtual labs of Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Elluminate, teach-nology.com, ImmuneAttack!, the SAGE references (free access until May 15!), VoiceThread, and my newest find a software application called Active Worlds (I want to explore the power of teaching biology in 3D realms). Part of the challenge is keeping a web tour short enough so not to lose the interest of the audience. Finding the “right” length and including the right content for this web tour were the most challenging aspects of this assignment. This self-directed method of study works for me but typically it works better on a longer time frame. I have trouble digesting (to me that means mastering and making useful) a large amount of information in a short period of time. The “digestion process” of the sites visited on the web tour is only just beginning. I like the challenge of self-directed study. I hope you enjoy the web tour and find a site or two you want to come back and explore more. Thanks for checking this out! I appreciate your feedback. These are my pictures but I didn't edit these in Picasa but in Shutterfly Studio, a download I can no longer find. : ( Here's a limitation of Prezi: the free accounts limit how much media you can include, so no video. Sorry folks! Educational pricing is very reasonable, so if I commit to using Prezi for presentations, I'll upgrade to the EduPro account.
I am concerned about accessibility with this tool. Cynthia Says it failed the alt text test and I don't see a way to correct that in the editing tools. This will require further investigation and I'm sure a screen reader would get dizzy trying to read the page. Odd then that my college IT department recommended the application...
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