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End of Year Review

No description

Evelyn Bench

on 14 May 2015

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Transcript of End of Year Review

End of Year Review
Evelyn Bench
Commissioner of Publicity

May 12, 2015
Change Benchmark
By attending weekly board and committee meetings I have gained knowledge and experience using parliamentary procedure, I have gained public speaking skills, and have created meaningful relationships with my peers and with Cañada staff.
Leadership Benchmark
While at NCSL I learned the importance of civic engagement, effective means of publicity, and effectively marketing yourself to reach success.
Mentorship Benchmark
Final Words
This year has thought me a lot about myself as a person, I've been able to grow as a leader, friend, and as a student. I have made lasting connections and have gained various skills I will be able to practice in the future.
My experience with my big was like a true sisterhood, we had our differences here and there but we always knew how to overcome them, we made the best of the worst and constantly reminded each other that we could do anything we put our minds too. I love you big!
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