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A Little Incident by Lu Hsun

No description

Pamela Sevilla

on 15 July 2016

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Transcript of A Little Incident by Lu Hsun

-There's a strong wind outside.
-"I" wake up early for his duties.
-"I" have difficulty finding for a rickshaw puller
-"I" was able to hire a rickshaw puller after a long time.
-The puller ran quickly.
Rising Action
-In the story it can be conclude that rich and elite people still need the manpower of the masses to make a living. They need poor people or workers to move for them.

-the old woman represents those oppressed people.

Falling Action
-The wind had ceased entirely.
-"I" give the rickshaw puller a fistful of coppers.
-Somebody ran in front and got entangled in the rickshaw and tumbled to the ground.
-The puller had stopped and helped the woman.
-"I" experienced curious sensation.
Lu Hsun
A Little Incident
I. Exposition

The narrator or The "I"
-The one who hired the rickshaw puller
-The protagonist and antagonist of the story
-Falls under round/dynamic
Rickshaw Puller
-The one who helped the old woman
-kind and tender-hearted
-The cause of the realization of "I"
-Falls under static/flat
-The one who got entangled in the rickshaw.
I. Exposition
The story happened in China; where social classification was apparent.
-After the incident, "I" think back to the situation and to himself.

-"I" or the narrator said that the incident still burns in his memory and as he tries to remember it, it purges him with shame, yet impels him to be a better person and invigorates hope and courage.

(Internal Conflict)
"A strong Northern wind blew furiously."

"The wind had ceased entirely."
"it suddenly seemed to me that his dust-covered figure loomed enormous, and as he walked farther he continued to grow,"
"My heart does not seem to have been in the least affected by any of them, and recollection now only tends to increase my ill temper and cause me to like people less as the day wears on."
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