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L6 ELLA 2 Speech & Representation

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on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of L6 ELLA 2 Speech & Representation

Prepared Speech Bathos: Prepared Speech Universal Truths When you drop a piece of buttered toast, it always lands buttered side down. The first person to pinch your nose when you were little was always an uncle. List as many contexts as you can think of in which a prepared speech would be given. Identify the purpose and audience for each example below. A political leader at the annual conference party.
A speaker giving a presentation on climate change.
A teacher giving a talk on applying to university.
The best man at a wedding.
A student giving a talk to the class about a scene from a play.
A local resident addressing a protest campaign.
A news reporter giving a report for a radio from a war zone.
A sales presentation. HOMEWORK:

Bathos Practical Activity 1. If you were one of David Cameron's political opponents, what would you criticise about this speech?

2. Write the opening paragraphs of a speech that is designed to undermine Cameron's case. Quick Recap What is 'rhetoric'?
What's the point of it? What is 'antithesis'?
Why use it? What is repetition and why use it? When would you use prepared speech? What is a universal truth and why use them? Bathos A sudden descent from elevated language or subject matter to the ordinary or commonplace. Often used for comic effect. Homework & Revision Use the internet to search for speeches or advice on how to give them. Check out wedding speeches, conventions, BBC website. This is good for revision as you need to be able to recognise and discuss as many types of prepared speech as possible. Framework revision posters Using the framework on pp112-113, create a framework revision poster (in your own words if that helps) to use as revision for prepared speech. Assessment Using your framework, analyse President Kennedy's inaugural speech. Focus on:

1. Kennedy's use of persuasive language.
2. The ways in which he seeks to unify the different factions that will hear his message. Best Man's Speech In pairs - identify a minimum of 3 things/points you should include in a best man's speech. 5 mins Read and annotate the model speech, use your framework to help you identify the prepared speech and its use.
Compare with your table. 15 mins Write up your commentary of the speech, then hand in your book for marking. 20 mins
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