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Administrator's Retreat 2013

No description

Jennifer Rosato

on 22 July 2014

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Transcript of Administrator's Retreat 2013

Sylacauga High
From Rosato's Desk
Topics of Interest
Referral Data from 2012-2013
Special Education Profile by School
504's and Discipline Procedures
Restraint and Seclusion
Gifted Education

Indian Valley
PreK 10 students
K 6 students
1st 8 students
2nd 6 students
Speech 23 students
Multi-needs 5 students
Increase in 504 plans over last two years
Need to keep a current list of your students with 504 plans (counselors keep folders/plans)
Discipline should be applied just as a child with an IEP (10 days OSS per year, then MD required)
Must do manifestation determination before any significant change in placement, unless it is drug or alcohol related
Restraint & Seclusion
Alabama Administrative Code- www.alabamaadministrativecode.state.al.us/docs/ed/290-3-1.pdf

Referral Data 2012-13
3rd grade 14 students
4th grade 8 students
5th grade 7 students
Multi-needs 6 students
Speech 9 students
6th grade 9 students
7th grade 6 students
8th grade 15 students
Multi-needs 6 students
Speech Only 6 students
9th grade 15 students
10th grade 13 students
11th grade 12 students
12th grade 8 students
Multi-needs 3 students

-Pull out services in grades 3-5
-Enrichment within the classroom in K-2
-Indirect services grades 6-12

Gifted Education
Information to Keep
Beware, she has had
her coffee.
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