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Amazon Rainforest

No description

Paloma Robles

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Amazon Rainforest

By Paloma Robles and Stefany Rosales Amazon Rainforest The amazon Rainforest is located in south America Brazil .
Brazil is the home of the Rainforest and of the animals.
In the upper section of Brazil south of the equator 2 to 4 degrees of the equator.
Latitude: 15°3105S Longitude: 71°4555W Location The amazon Rainforest is located South America Brazil. We are going to tell you some interesting facts about the amazon Rainforest.
The Amazon rainforest holds many types of plants that could save peoples life's. there are many plants and trees wich are know to have anti-cancer properties.
Another interesting fact is how many animals are there. There is the pink dolphin. The pink dolphin is the most special animal in the Amazon Rainforest.
These were our interesting facts about the Amazon Rainforest. Amazon Rainforest 1. The Amazon Rainforest takes up 40 % of the Continent.
2.70% of plants found to have anti-cancer properties and they are found in the Amazon Rainforest
3. The Amazon Rainforest stretches over 1.4 billion acres of land
4. More than 20 % of the Amazon Rainforest is disappearing because of people cutting down trees for furniture and paper
5. Many herbal medication is made from the plants in the Amazon Rainforest Facts 1. It's vegetation recycles carbon dioxide onto oxygen it has been described as the "Lungs of the Planet". About 20%of the earths oxygen it's produced by the amazon Rainforest
2. Another natural resource are plants. Some plants are used for medicines so we can cure ourselves
3. The amazon Rainforest is full of water.The river system is one of the world's most important systems.The Amazon river for up to 1/5 of the earths fresh water
4. Also trees have some kind latex and you can make rubber from it but you don't cut down the trees
5. Natural Resources 1. They are clearing the Amazon Rainforest because of Cattle Ranching it causes 60-70%
2. Second great cause of deforestation is also connected with aquiculture but this time with farms. Large areas of forest are being leader in order to leave more space for cultiva areas
3. Road building:
Since 1970s ,more than 9,000 miles of road have been built through the Rainforest, endearing the environment
4. people cut down trees to build furniture, for medical plant, fire wood setting up in industries, land for agriculture and making paper
5. Logging:
They cut down trees and they put them in big trucks. They use the tree trunk to build the logs Deforestation Paragraph The continuing of deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest is caused by many reasons.
The first reason is for cattle ranching they want not half but most of the land in the Amazon. They want it so they could feed their cows soy beans.
The next reason is for farmers they do not want that much but they want it so they could grow crops and then sell them.Also for logging. They cut down the trees and with those trees they make logs. They cut down the trees so they could make furniture out of it and paper. Miners also want it so they could dig in and see if they find any gold or cropper. People also want it so they could get oil, soy, and palm out of it . It's also being destroyed by burning down the trees.
There are also many reasons why the Amazon Rainforest is being DESTROYED but we can do something about it. But there's
HOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rubber Trees in the Amazon Rainforest are used to make rubber. The trees have latex on them and then you can make rubber without cutting the trees and make it disappear each day. Fruit Instead of buying meat you could by fruits. Buy something that could grow back. Like nuts,mango,and other fruits. Try to not buy that much meat because meat doesn't grow back because it comes from cows and other animals and that's why they want a piece of land from the Amazon Rainforest. from this to this Staro Satro is a company that helps peasant people. Staro gives them bees so they could make honey and not take away a land from the Amazon Rainforest . When the honey is done they could sell it and not have to grow crops in the Amazon Rainforest because they took away a piece of land. Cool Earth is a company that you buy a piece of land from the Amazon Rainforest and it's basically the land is all yours. They are doing this because they don't want the Rainforest to disappear. Cool Earth One thing that was amazing was that people approximately burn 2700 million acres of land each year. Stay Amazed....... THE END
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