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Ediciones EFL

on 8 October 2014

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The main goal
EspacioAsesoria & EspacioPyme, allow us to communicate to our target with specific content for them
The attraction marketing let us attract, develop and capture prospects in our market with differents digital marketing techniques
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Why the Attraction Marketing?
The main goal
The main goal is to
increase our visibility
, increase
, capture
prospects into our database with email and phone

Those prospects will let us build marketing campaigns to sell entry products
Goals for the first step: ATTRACTION
We investigate new forms of legal content market.
The infographics allow us to generate very striking content from legal information.

Allow us to reach a large audience in social media

Blog allows us to reach our most expert users with specific content: fiscal, labor and legal
They received an average of
30,000 sessions/month
The work in social media marketing allows us a direct dialogue with our market
We promote our
content and products
outside the traditional media.
social traffic to our websites.
Marketing Hub
The Marketing Hub is composed by three main webs by market
Main Goal: Win influence on each market with specific content
Blog allows us to reach our most expert users with specific content: fiscal, labor and legal
Blogfiscal 3.000 sessions/mes
Bloglaboral 4.000 sessions/mes
Blog Jurídico 3.000 sessions/mes
Ley de emprendedores 3.000 sessions/mes
Blog efl 30,000 sessions/mes (80% sessions by SEO)

First rankings for search about blog fiscal, blog social or blog laboral

First experience of Post by email
294.480 sessions in 2013
Average of 25,000 sessions/month
400 suscription by email in the blog
300 leads in 2013
80% of SEO traffic

Win influence in the legal sector: Google, since 2013, sponsors our Law&Tic section in the derecho.com portal. It is the only section in Europe sponsored by Google
Sessions per Month: 60,000 month
2º year of sponsor: 12.000 €/año
We post IT content for lawyers
Propiedad Intelectual
Internet y IT
This bird made us change the way we did our on line marketing
The company made a serious effort to increase our freemium self created content, not only coming from articles but also from our own products.

We design our online supports/sites not only thinking on functionality/usability, but also thinking in SEO as an important issue.

A good seo work reduces investment in our supports.
We published a very hot original article
We appear in the first results of the SERPs
We increase the sessions come from search engine
We publish a Memento ad or a downloadable whitepaper
We work hard the on page SEO with the goal to increase the SEO sessions
The interest of users allow us develop new contents
We create Whitepapers with the questions asked by our customers, and build ebooks with that content to drive new business opportunities.

Combine articles in
derecho.com + SEO
Spread our content through social networks has allowed us a gradual increase in followers
5,168 followers in Twitter
900 Likes in Facebook
2300 followers in Linked in
Goals of the second step: CONVERT
Content Marketing Plan
The downloadable content, allow us to generate qualified prospects or generate business opportunities
New emails capture has been progressive over time
In 2013-2014 we have captured
18,516 new emails that did not exists before in our CRM

online users have subscribed content syndication and receive our updates in their emails everyday
Goals of third step: CLOSE
We have done an analysis of archetypes of current online shoppers
Show more easily our commercial offer
Increasing the quality of opportunities
Increase average order offering multiformat deals
responsive design
Improve SEO
Goals of third step: SALES
We are testing marketing automation email Marketing campaigns to users who downloaded free content
Good results of the first test!
1,362 emails in May

61% Opened Email Ratio
60 leads generated
4,4% Convertion Rate in Lead
We offer them a free trial of Electronic Product 4 days after the download
The attraction strategy has been assimilated by the whole company and external colaborators with the goal to publish our own content
There is a clear correlation between the generation of original content and increased online visitors (Example of the evolution of sessions of elderecho.com)

The increase of publishing original content help us attract more visitors

New contents collaborating with our clients
We get and post new contents collaborating with our clients. In exchange they get visibility/notoriety for their law firm
They have seen a great opportunity to show their original content and for us is a great opportunity to gain influence in the legal sector.
New contents collaborating with our clients
The big lawyer firms are interested in posting their content in our website elderecho.com
The Content Marketing allows us to market our products with a clearly differentiation with traditional advertising
We create high value content and useful to our target audience
Traditional marketing campaigns (mailing, emailing) are always supported by content marketing efforts
We increased the response rate in email marketing (30% opening ratio of email vs 25% on average in the portfolio)
The content marketing allows us to increase the number of campaigns to market the products over the time, after the launching.
Increase direct sales products.
Improve the SEO visibility articles with good legal analysis articles.
We use this SEO traffic to show our products.
Institutional Relations:
The e-books are used to capture leads with professional groups.
Editorial Development:
They launch satisfaction surveys, when the client respond to the survey is awarded with free whitepapers downloading.
Customer service:
The free content is used to increase loyalty.
Direct Marketing:
All the mailings in 2014 have free content because it works better.
Electronic Publising dept:
Provided us HTML formats to improve the SEO for the online shop.
Social Media:
We use downloadable content campaigns to increase the engagement (Likes in Facebook, Followers in Twitter)
The content creation allow us to generate multiple commercial efforts in all departments
Main results of our Attraction Marketing efforts until April 2014
Big internal cultural change
, GFL have assumed that the original content should be delivered not only to our current customers, but it is our ideal way to engage prospects and improve the awareness of our products in the market.
Our online audience grow
and therefore, the chance to attract new business opportunities (in the GFL content hub we have more than 1, 5 MM sessions per month).
We generate a constant flow of sales opportunities
to our sales force.
We catch the interest of our target
: The opening ratios in content emailings are better than commercial emailings. (30% average opening ratio in content emailings Vs 25% in standard commercial emailing).
Experimenting with new user-friendly content formats
allows us to maintain a constant dialogue with our target in unconventional media such as social networks.
Cultural change, GFL
We have defined legislation milestones during the year that are important to our customers, HERE we will generate valuable and useful content, this will allow us to capture prospects in each three stages of development (Undeveloped, developed and Ready Sales)
Also allow us to increase SEO traffic and increase in engagement in social networks
Each milestone of the Publiser Plan should be supported by free contents from our reviewers, authors and publishers.
To increase engagement and loyalty for our brand we will launch Social Media Campaigns in each Commemoratives milestones of the year related to our business with branded content
Content Mk +SMM
We have implemented a content marketing plan that allows us a steady stream of leads and downloads
Size: 130 M €
2 big competitors + a bunch of low cost Companies
EFL-EDE leaders in juridical information (including Indicator)
The Spanish Market
Light product base of customers reducing
Focused on easy sales (high price + conversion rate
Not enough investment in conquering new clients

going down
strong budget reductions
High range:
competitors reposition their products to fight on price
Lower range:
Low cost competitors develop their offers
The problem
Fight on differentiation
Multichannel strategy
The Solution
Do your prospects respond the same way as before to the massive classical Direct Marketing actions or do you detect a gradual change in their behavior in the last years? Are your clients interests shifting to a content related motivation?

Do you think that would be useful for your business to have a consistent Attraction Marketing strategy? Perhaps you already implemented one… what is your experience? What advantages do you find on it?

What problems are you eventually facing in your companies by implementing a similar strategy?

Are your competitors good at this?

Do you listen to your customers in social media? How to face this challenging media?

What do you think about SEO? Are you taking into account this communications channel when you design your products and your commercial actions.

What is the Attraction Marketing?

The inbound marketing is based on three main pillars: SEO, content marketing and social media marketing, working in an integrated strategy, in which all actions, channels and techniques are combined to improve brand reputation, increase business opportunities and customer loyalty.
Thank you
Spain Marketing Staff
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