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Frances Siapno

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of THE CHASER

-John Collier, The Chaser "Yes, she will want to be everything to you."
"She is, already. Only she doesn't care about it." JOHN COLLIER -John Henry Noyes Collier
JOHN COLLIER -moved from England to Hollywood where he began writing screenplays for 30 years.
-Elephant Boy (1937), I Am a Camera (1955), and The War Lord (1965)
THE CHASER By John Collier PLOT -Organic plot that has a clear beginning, middle, and end.

-A plot driven by who the characters are. Alan is young, exuberant and in love; heedless to anything else. On the other hand, the old man has seen all this before and hints to Austen that the outcome of the love potion may not be desirable.
-The old man does not lie about his potions; indeed he is quite frank in his explanation of them and when they are needed.

-Alan wants Diana to fall in love with him
-Alan meets the old man and talks about which potion is best and most suitable for his situation with Diana.
PLOT Rising Action:
-The old man talks to Alan about the effects of his potions especially the love potion which may do him good in the short run but harm in the long run.
-Alan has naïve reactions towards the explanations of the old man regarding the symptoms and effects of the love potion and is very much ecstatic about buying it. Is this really true love or an emotional and physical trap in the end?
Falling Action:
-Alan finally buys the love potion from the old man for one dollar and is very grateful and satisfied.
-They both part ways and the old man dismisses Alan by telling him, “Au revoir,” or in other words, “Till we meet again.”
SETTING neighborhood of Pell Street
a tiny room (contained no furniture but a plain kitchen table, a rocking-chair, and an ordinary chair)
Around 1950s or 60s
Belief in magic and love potions
young, love-strucken dreamers
older, wiser, money crazy business men who would do anything to trick people for their next dollar
-1901-1980 -British novelist, poet and occasional screenwriter -began writing poetry at age nineteen and was first published in 1920.
- privately educated by his uncle, Vincent Collier, a novelist

-became best known as a writer of fantasy, through this he gained significant popularity in the United States. -When he was 19, his father asked him what he had chosen as a vocation, his reply was, “I want to be a poet.”
SOURCES: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0171924/bio
CHARACTERS Alan Austen VS. Old Man Lacks experience & wisdom Experienced & Wise Cannot read between the lines Direct and Indirect at the same time Gullible Smart SYMBOL THE CHASER
-a person or thing that chases or pursues
-a drink of a milder beverage taken after a drink of liquor
-a hunter Glove-cleaner

Dialogue: 
“Young people who need a love potion very seldom have five thousand dollars. Otherwise they would not need a love potion.”

"Their effects are permanent, and extend far beyond the mere casual impulse. But they include it. Oh, yes they include it. Bountifully, insistently. Everlastingly."

That is five thousand dollars, never a penny less.
IRONY The whole story is filled with irony. Alan is youthful, and innocent. The old man talks as if he’s seen it all. Alan thinks that the potion would grant him his greatest wish, which is to gain the love of Diana. “She will want to know all you do,” said the old man. “All that has happened to you during the day. Every word of it.  Alan thinks that he would never have need of the glove-cleaner, but the old man knows better. THEME Sources:
Each choice we make should be given great thought no matter how insignificant it seems. Badly made choices and impulsive decisions could have heavy damage to the future.
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