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Polygraph Timeline

Timeline of a Lie Detector test or Polygraph test

Kendall Carney

on 25 April 2011

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Transcript of Polygraph Timeline

History of a Polygraph Test 1730 - Daniel Defoe (British Novelist) wrote an essay called "An Effectual Scheme for the Immediate Preventing of Street Robberies and Suppressing all Other Disorders of the Night" where he talked abvout taking the pulse of a suspect to see if they were truthful or lying 1885 - Cesare Lonbroso invented something to measure changes in blood pressure for police cases 1902 - early polygraph machine invented by James Mackenzie 1904 - Vittorio Benussi invented a device used to measure breathing 1915 - William Marston started on a project that used blood pressure and galvanic skin response to examine German prisoners of war (this is the year he wrote a second paper on this concept) 1917 - the first polygraph examination was used for counterintelligence work during World War I 1921 - a device recording blood pressure and galvanic skin response was invented by Dr. John A. Larson where it was first applied in law enforcement work by Berkeley Police Departmentl; more work was done by Leonarde Keeler 1921 - modern day polygraph machine invented by John Larson 1924 - started to bu used in poice interrogation and investigations (not trusted yet) 1936 - blood pressure-pulse-respiration recorder developed by C. D. Lee 1938 - C.D. Lee appeared in advertising by Gillette company claiming that the polygraphy showed Gillette razors were better than the competition 1945 - a device which recorded muscualr activity accompanying changes in blood pressure was developed 1986 - the introduction of computerized polygraphy systems began, which has lead to today's advanced state of the art systems Bibliography http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polygraph http://inventors.about.com/od/fstartinventions/a/forensic_2.htm http://www.illinoisliedetector.com/faq.php
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