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Utopia vs. Dystopia

No description

Anna Kinder

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of Utopia vs. Dystopia

Utopia vs. Dystopia
An exploration of what
happens when humanity
chases "perfection"

What is a utopia?
How do utopias morph into dystopias?
Refer back to the laws
of your utopias.

What are some potential issues that you foresee?
an imaginary place where people lead dehumanized and often fearful lives
Our first story will deal with the concept of true equality: equality that is pursued at great cost.
Is it possible
to achieve perfection?
True equality?
Is it even desirable?
How could such an aim backfire?
Charles Manson
The term
"utopia" was invented
by Sir Thomas More in his book "Utopia" (1516).
It is a play on words, with its roots meaning both "good" place and "no" place.
What did More's utopia
look like?
description of the country:

What could be the potential purpose of this pun? What
point might it be trying
to make?
1. an imaginary and
indefinitely remote place

2. a place of perfection, especially in laws, government, social conditions

3. an impractical scheme for
social improvement
Webster's definitions:
What does yours look like
so far?

What is your motto?

What are some laws?

What do people do for fun?
Utopias throughout history:
Civilizations throughout History:
The Nazis
"I am convinced that 1941 will be the crucial year of a great New Order in Europe. The world shall open up for everyone. Privileges for individuals, the tyranny of certain nations and their financial rulers shall fall. And last of all this year will help to provide the foundations of a real understanding among peoples, and with it the certainty of conciliation among nations."
--Adolf Hitler
To get ready for an interactive activity tomorrow, please tear off a slip of paper and rank these four roles in order of 1-4: 1 fitting you most, 4 fitting you least.

an artist
an athlete
an actor/actress
a good listener
Dystopia in Disney/Pixar :)

2013 film "Her"
Brazil clip
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