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Revision Skills

No description

A Thewless

on 2 July 2013

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Transcript of Revision Skills

Where does it all begin?
Revision Skills
What are the issues?
There are many issues to overcome before we begin the daunting process of revision.
1. Linear Exams
2. Competition for Time
3. Revision Overload
Auditory Learners
Task- On the sugar paper in front of you, mind map what revision activities you already use for auditory learners.
Visual Learners
Making Mind Maps in groups
Post It Notes on the forehead
Making Collages/Posters
Videos- creation of xtranormal clips to revise from
Loci- Key words and case studies are important parts of our exam so they have specific places for revision.
Picture stimulus
Example- Loci
This can be done for any subject. There are 3 topics in the Geography exam and each are tested for 30 minutes. 1/3 of the marks are on case studies so I stress the importance of these. Each theme has its own A5 size booklet with yellow, red or purpole front cover. Each case study is minimised to 7 points and a picture/map.

The idea is students locate in their brain that information with a real place and makes it easier to remember.
Example- iPAD
There are some excellent apps to be downloaded, like 'GoodNotes' that you can use to annotate students answers on exam questions. Also Edexcel have all their past exam papers on an app, which could be used to annotate how you would structure your answer. Also I recommend that all subjects set up a Twitter account, it promotes the love of the subject whilst being really useful for students to discuss revision and what they are finding difficult to grasp. I have also 'followed' the RGS and the GA which often run A-Level revision courses usually given by the chief examiner in most cases.
1. What are the problems we face with revision?
2. What are the solutions?
What do you need to prepare for revision sessions?
What can you do to prepare?
Look over exam papers and...
Plan revision around the format of your exam.
Do not waste time on topics that have come up last year.
Know the command words used on a regular basis.
Put a timed exam question at the end of every lesson.
Embed the exam process early on.
Do frequent end of topic tests in the same format as the final exams.
Run focus groups for those that continually get U grades.
Know the timings of questions.
Apply to your exam board to mark examinations so you get used to the mark scheme and where points are awarded.
Kinaesthetic Learners
Revision Lectures- RGS and the GA
Screen casting of exam papers
Word Association Games
Xtranormal Videos
Quick fire questioning and answering
Task- On the sugar paper in front of you, mind map what revision activities you already use for visual learners.
Task- On the sugar paper in front of you, mind map what revision activities you already use for kinaesthetic learners.
Round Robin questioning and answering
iPAD app for all past exam papers (only Edexcel)
iPAD annotating of exam papers
Building up a case study answer- with table planning
Key word matching to their definitions- IWB or maually
Case Study matching in pairs games on Smart Board or manually.
Hear the Results!
Experience the Results!
Example- Xtranormal Videos
xtranormal videos are amazing tools for every type of learner. I set the task of making these for homework throughout the year and then students have a bank of resources to revise from easily at the end of the year/years. They are fun and the students remember the process of making them. Take a peek...
Example- Krammers
These work well for subjects with lots of key words. Instead of keeping a glossary, each student purchases a 'Krammer' from WHSmith or a small key ring note book to write key words on one side and the definition on the other. In the exam students get a mark for SPAG, so I do regular key word tests to ensure they revise the spelling of them and understand the meaning.
Example- Screen Casting
Screen casting allows you to video whatever you do on the IWB. This works for going through exam paper answers. I found the students were more interested in watching a video of it than watching me go through it there and then. This also means these short clips can be uploaded on Magpie and used at home. The geography exam always has 'describe the trend', 'explain' and 'compare' questions in it so these are the sceencasts I focused on. Enjoy! The 'educreations' app on the ipAD does a similar thing.
Example- Revision Mind Maps
Visual learners respond well to pictures and colour creating a mind map combines visual stimuli and is great for kinaesthetic learners too! These can be stuck everywhere, on houses, on bathroom walls, on doors and on windows.

We need teach them how to make a mind map to make it valuable and provide examples and templates for this.
Example- 'Play Doh'
This appeals to kinaesthetic learners. In Law they have to remember dozens of cases and we revise by getting them to create something that represents the cases with 'Play Doh'. They then swap groups and others have to annotate the model with details about the case.
Example- Information Races
All students love this! A little bit of competition encourages all students to cover a lot of content in a short amount of time. History uses this with A2 as an introduction to each topic during revision with juicy incentives at the end!
Example- Creating their own
Weebly.com Is an amazing resource, it is an online tool where students can make their own webpage. Key Stage 5 making Key Stage 4 revision pages is a great way for them to recap the basics! Or creating their own moves, trailers, sound bites etc. works well too and can be shared! Now thats what we like!
"I dont know how to revise!"
"There is too much to remember!"
"I've revised for hours but it just
doesn't go in!"
See the Results!
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