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Best practices for creating a positive environment

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Shamus Martin

on 11 November 2014

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Transcript of Best practices for creating a positive environment

Post exciting pictures on the walls
Incentivize learning
Role play, acting like noted people in history to convey a lesson
Make learning interactive
Let students have a say so in the learning or assessment method
Challenge the students with "Stump the Te
Create a safe learning environment
Establish a classroom policy that allows every one to share their ideas and questions freely without ridicule.
Show that making mistakes is okay
Laugh at yourself
Make the classroom a fun place to be
Involve Parents!
Call, click, or visit. Whatever it takes. Get parents involved with learning.
Sign up for teams within your school. At mine, I am a member of the crisis, technology, and recruitment teams. I feel I am helping establish a positive environment by contributing my time.
Offer you area of expertise as a service to your coworkers. I am proficient in Google and curriculum design. I offer free tutorials to my fellow co-workers.
The single most action any teacher can take to make the environment positive it care. Teachers who care find solutions to ensure student success.
Take the mystery out of learning
Be the teacher that eliminates blind learning from your curriculum. Give your students the answers and focus on learning through reverse engineering so the thought process behind arriving at the answer can be understood.
Teaching Style
Best practices for creating a positive environment
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