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No description

Charlotte Hadley

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of innovation

Product-line extension of Apple My Innovative Concept; iStretch Introduction Graphene is a natural material formed when graphite is broken down into layers one-atom thick. Background Trends Technical Assessment What is Graphene? Market Assessment Segmentation Overview of my innovative concept Background
Technical Assessment
Market Assessment ...And More Trends What gave rise to this innovation? In 2013, consumers will look to their mobile devices to maximize absolutely every moment In the next 12 months, we will see an explosion in MOBILE MOMENTS: products, services and experiences that will enable mobile-loving consumers to embrace this lifestyle. MOBILE MOMENTS [Trendwatching, 2012] Samsung Galaxy Note 1 & 2.
Samsung Galaxy Grand

All of which have a screen size of 5'' or more. Apple Vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 More Trends 'More than 6 in 10 adults now wear spectacles'.

This is equivalent to 32 Million people.

'Most people start to need glasses for reading from the age of around 45'.

Also....'the 25-34 age band is forecast to grow by 13% (almost 1 million) between 2009-2014'.

'The population is aging...'. [Mintel, 2010] LARGE SCREENS appears to be a prominent feature when consumers choose a phone. [Mintel, 2012] My concept developed from recent insights into one of the oldest natural materials; graphene. Why Graphene? Researchers have been able to chemically modify graphene into a 3D structure that mimicked cork.
Now, the individual cells connect in a honeycomb structure, as they do in cork. As a result of this, the material is very ELASTIC How does it work? Graphene (cork structure) Competitive situation Competitive positioning Demographics Age: 25-55
Gender: Males and females
Socio-economic status: ABC1 & C2 Psychographics The first six weeks of the campaign launch will be directed towards INNOVATORS and EARLY ADOPTERS The price of current iPhones and smartphones would suggest that the target market INNOVATORS AND EARLY ADOPTERS for this product have higher incomes The target market focused upon first [innovators and early adopters] are presumed to live within city centres. Within a survey conducted by Mintel, android appears to be the most popular operating system for consumers from the age of 45+. In connection with my research, which indicates that most people start to need glasses from the age of 45 >>>
The Android operating system appears to dominate a high percentage of the target market. Conclusion! My Innovative concept Positioning Map To conclude... iStretch is a product-line extension of Apple.

The motive behind the innovation is to allow consumers to benefit from a wider screen that competitors offer, yet still have the advantage of being able to fit it comfortably in your pocket.

The product is positioned as a sophisticated smartphone that offers distinctive features. Additional Benefits: Users will still be able to manage their phone comfortably.
Limits the amount of scrolling
Simplifies the 'zoom in' process
Reduces the need for glasses for quick references.
Less prone to braking. Thank you for Listening.... Any questions? Target Market Mobile Moments - Those who live busy lives - use their phone as a key communication tool in their occupation - and who would largely benefit from having a larger screen.
some people will purchase the latest iPhone because of the brand name. Developments Ahead of time...Samsung have already demonstrated a 25'' flexible touchscreen using graphene Specialists in optoelectronic displays and graphene will be employed to overcome any obstacles
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