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Small Group Communication

No description

Paige Aiello

on 3 May 2011

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Transcript of Small Group Communication

Helping Hands is a group of six
Communication Studies majors
who joined Small Group Communication class
in order to learn how to work as a group in the
fight against abuse. JBWS stands for the Jersey
Battered Women's Service.
JBWS is a full-service,
private,non-profit agency
against domestic violence.
They have been preventing
domestic violence and
providing a shelter for
women in Morris County
since 1976. Sophia
"I wore makeup to cover my
bruised and puffy face. I wore
long sleeves in the middle of
summer to hide my bruised body.
I stopped looking in the mirror
because I hated what I had become." "Nobody cared about
me—my husband often
told me so. The memory
of his words stung. I should
have stayed for the kids’
sakes. They would never
forgive me for robbing them
of their Christmas." Laurie Pay it Forward Group Bios Team Contract

I, ______________________________________________ , as part of Helping Hands, agree to abide by the following rules:
I will be an active member of the group during group meeting times.
I will be respectful of my group members and their time.
If I am not able to attend a meeting or will be late to a meeting, I will let my fellow group members know beforehand.
I will offer nothing but my best work and effort to the rest of the group.
I will always keep the main objectives and goals of the group in mind.
In addition to the group goals, I will keep in mind the missions and intents of the Jersey Battered Women’s Service, and try to serve those missions appropriately. Values

Caring Team Goals

Produce a final product that every group member is proud of and had an equal share in producing.

Learn from our successes as well as mistakes. 

Leave the group feeling that it was a positive experience for everyone.

Apply small group communication principles that we have learned in class and from our textbook to our own group process.

Expand our knowledge of fundraising and event planning strategies to potentially be of use to us in our future careers 

Raise a substantial amount of funds to directly help the Jersey Battered Women’s Service. Facebook Tabling

• Chocolate Lollipops
• Paper Hands
• Tri-fold Zumba!

Zumba is an intense
dance and fitness program

Supports JBWS’ mission
to empower women

Everyone who attended had
a great time while supporting
a great cause Group Process - Stage 1
Establishing contacts
Breaking the ice
Brainstorming ideas
Contacting organizations
Spring Break
Selecting a cause
Delegating responsibilities Group Process - Stage 2
Fundraising & Tabling
Designing a tri-fold
Organizing an event
Delays with Student
Making the banner
Beginning the binder Group Process Stage 3
Tabling process
Dividing the binder
Presentation dates
ZUMBA for a Cause
Finishing the banner
Turning in the binder Problems
Time Crunch
Correspondence Issues
Schedule Conflicts
Work Styles and Preferences Visuals

Gift Bags What We Learned Our group’s mission is to
raise awareness in the TCNJ community
about the Jersey Battered Women’s Service and
their cause through fundraising, event planning,
and publicity. Using proven strategies to foster effective
communication and teamwork within our small group,
we will optimize our chances of success in reaching our goals Mission Statement
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