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Why you should toilet train your cats!

No description

Evan Wallace

on 28 November 2015

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Transcript of Why you should toilet train your cats!

Toilet Training Your Cat
Cats who are very old may have problems reaching the height of the toilet
Cats who are very young or small may fall into the toilet and drown
Consult with your veteranarian before beginning to ensure your cat is ready
Benefits the
benefits for you and your cat
You save lots of
World's BEST Cat Litter
Training Kits
The Training Process

4 lbs of soiled litter per cat every week
208 lbs per year
34 billion lbs. of cat poop produced annually by all house cats in America not including the toxic litter.
It's all in a landfill somewhere
No more litter waste if you train your cats
Litter boxes are disgusting
Full of bacteria and litter dust
Scent masking
Recognizing Illness
At roughly $1 per pound for litter...
Remember that 34 billion pounds?
$200-$250 Per year
Basically just corn meal
good for potty training
Litter Kwitter
You're Ready
Happy Training and Good Luck!
Don't Worry
It's a crumb cake!!

Tootsie Rolls
hindered w/ litter
difficult when feces is masked by litter
Cheaper. Non-Reusable
More Expensive, but Reusable
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