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Volkswagen Group

No description

Hasan Samanoudi

on 29 June 2015

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Transcript of Volkswagen Group

landscape of the global automobile industry
Evolution of VW Group's Position over Time
VWs Proposed 2018 Strategy
Comprehensive Big Data based Initiative and Rollout for the VW Group
Big Data and VWs 2018 strategy
Overview of Big Data in Companies
The dynamic changes in the global auto industry have been facilitated by two major forces namely, changes in consumer demand, and the increasing availability of data and information.

Short-term goal: Building the foundation

Strategy is made up of four main goals

1-deployment of intelligent technologies and innovations to guarantee customer quality and satisfaction

2-Increased unit sales targeting 10 million automobiles annually

3-target return on sales of at least 8% before tax.

4-to become the best employer across all areas, brands, and companies

To fulfill the 2018 strategy, VW needs a holistic approach that focuses on each of its internal functional areas.

Big Data' refers to refers to massive amounts of both structured and unstructured data that are difficult to process using traditional software and database techniques.

The potential of Big-data decision making has now been recognized globally across many industry sectors.

Benefits of Big Data- competitive advantage, development of new applications, reduce cost of existing applications.

CIS 493 Senior Capstone
Hasan Samanoudi
Volkswagen Group
Comprehensive Big Data based Initiative and Rollout for the VW Group
Medium Term goals

Long Term Goal

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Regis University
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