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Anorexia Nervosa

No description

Carlie Yersky

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of Anorexia Nervosa

Anorexia Nervosa Those most likely to get it:
-Those highly exposed to media
-Specific athlete groups
(cheerleaders, gymnasts, wrestlers)
-Those with professional
requirements (models, actors, singers) The typical age of onset starts in adolescence. -Intense fear of gaining weight
-Distorted view of one's body
-Lack of menstrual cycle for 3+ months
-Cutting food into pieces and/or pushing
it around the plate to refrain from eating
-Refusing to eat around others
-Hair loss
-Extreme sensitivity
to cold Symptoms 1. Restrict diet to a specific amount of calories, grams of fat, etc.
2. Possible addition of excessive exercise.
3. Body begins using body fat to continue bodily energy.
4. Calories/fat/etc. are reduced more.
5. Body no longer has body fat to feed off of, so it begins using glycogen mandatory to organ function.
6. Calories are reduced to between 100-800 a day (equivalent to 5 cheese cubes).
7. Organs begin failing due to malnutrition.
*If lifestyle continues without treatment, death results within months* Progression Specific times depend
on the severity of the
eating habits. Treatment 1. Accepting the need for help.
2. Assessing health and malnutrition.
3. Creating an eating plan that gradually reinstates proper vitamins and minerals.
*Constant mental and emotional self-concept building. Extreme Anorexic Diet
(200 Calories) *Avoid food as much as possible*
Lowfat Yogurt
Small salad with low fat dressing
If about to pass out, many allow themselves 1 cheese cube. Eating Disorder Foundation http://www.eatingdisorderfoundation.org/EatingDisorders.htm Current Research Are genetics partially
responsible? Do hormones cause the eating disorder? Pharmacologic (medicinal) treatments. Where in the brain does food obsession lay? Why people become anorexic? 1. Construed bodily view 2. Weight loss obsession 3. Societal Pressure
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