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Drama TPPP 2010

Quotes and Images for 2010 Drama TPPP

Thomas Tetterton

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Drama TPPP 2010

Drama TPPP '10 "As an actor... you are there to expose yourself." -Keith Johnstone "Education is not filling a bucket, but lighing a fire." "Don't plan ahead." -W.B. Yeats -Keith Johnstone “…We created a type of play called an ‘absurdist’ play. That is where nothing whatsoever makes sense about the play.” -Nash Tetterton “When an actor ‘fails’ if he responds good-naturedly, the audience will warm to him.” -Keith Johnstone “…felt that the text was merely the starting point for the actor and that his role was as a creative artist.” -Michael Chekov ·“…act inside out, rather than outside in.” -Nash Tetterton “A link between the actor’s imagination and physical self that could expand the compass of his habitual self in ways that could serve even the most extreme characterization.” -Michael Chekov “Don’t try to control a scene.” -Keith Johnstone “Mental image replaces the actor’s own self-image.” -Michael Chekov “Give the audience what they want.” -Keith Johnstone
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