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Body Biography

Percy Jackson and Last Olympian

Vidhu Rama

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of Body Biography

Percy Jackson : The Last Olympian Shoulder Riordan, Rick. The Last Olympian: Book Five. New York: Disney-Hyperion, 2009 Percy’s hole in the head is the problems he has at school such as “He’s seen me slice up demons and leap out of exploding school buildings” (pg.5 paragraph 3). This to me means that he causes blown up school buildings. I know this because in whole series of these books Percy mentions he has ADHD; a disease which causes people be destructive and hyper. This is the reason why he has been attending so many different schools. Hole in the Head : Percy sees the world in a mostly negative way. “The end of the world started when a Pegasus landed on the hood of my car” (Pg.5 Line 1). This seems that he jumps to dramatic conclusions when a bad event occurs; “The world was collapsing and the only thing that mattered to me was…” This also supports my reason that Percy always jumps to conclusions when a bad event occurs. Eyes Percy’s words lead to the conclusion that he is very humorous. To the reason that he likes to entertain and make the reader laugh like this phrase “ I don’t recommend shadow travel if you are A) Scared of the dark B) Cold shivers up your spine C) Strange noises D) Going so fast you feel like your face is peeling off (Pg.90 Line 10). I think this is funny because answer A, B, C seem normal but answer D seems so unrealistic and exaggerated. Mouth : Percy is worried about the great prophecy and the fate of himself because of the review “Percy worries that his fate may be sealed no matter what he does” and the great prophecy states “The hero’s soul the cursed blade shall reap”; this means the hero (maybe Percy) has to die. Vidhu Ramakrishnan
English Acc. 6 Percy’s pain in the neck is Luke because Annebeth (Percy’s Love) loves Luke and that Luke keeps interfering with Percy’s plans no matter how much Percy stops him. Pain in the Neck Heart : I believe Percy’s family / friends drive his emotion and actions. For example: When Beckondorf dies to help Percy with the war. Percy recognizes what Beckondorf had done for him; he takes a stand and becomes more courageous and brave.Same is what he does to the campers who died during the battle in order to keep Olympus safe. Hands : Mainly Percy uses his hands to fight monsters but, he uses them to protect his friends/family; the people who motivate him. For example he uses Riptide to help defend his brother Tyson and he helps his fellow campers with the Minotaur on the bridge. Percy states he will help his campers scare off the titans to Brooklyn (We break a bridge). This proves Percy is able to gamble for is life to defend others. Knee Jerk Response Percy rarely acts without thinking. In this book the decisions you make are critical to the plot of this story. So, in this book Percy’s decisions he made were thoughtful and well planned out. Percy does have a funny bone when it comes down to exaggerating things like “The worlds going to crash” and “My face is going to peel off.” This is how Percy entertains and makes me laugh Funny Bone Achilles Heel If you literally mean a weak spot on your body like Achilles that spot was on Percy’s back during the war to make him invincible. But, Percy’s weakness was being taunted from people about his past and mistakes. Example: Kronos taunting Percy about the big choice he has to make according to the great prophecy (Paragraph 2)
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