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Copy of Social Entrepreneurship and Change

No description

Crystal Jensen

on 3 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Social Entrepreneurship and Change

Social Media Experts Research & Presentations Financial Communication SEC 630) Social Entrepreneurship & Change: Creating a Compelling Vision...with Technology Blogs & Sites Organizations Print Resources In Under a Minute: Crystal Jensen
Pepperdine University
January, 2013 Agenda:
5 mins. - 1. Intro
5 mins. - 2. Syllabus - Tech Integration
45 mins. - 3. Presentation
15 mins. - 4. Video
30 mins - 5. Small Groups:
a. What are the top five innovative technologies
have you seen and/or used to empower SEC ?
b. Start social media plan.
1. How often will you post?
2. Where will you post (what accounts)?
3. What will you post?
4. Why are you posting (intention/purpose)?
5. How will you manage your accounts?
6. Who is your audience? What will be your tone?
7. Social Media Setup: Creat Accounts: About.
me, Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, LinkedIn,
Pinterest, etc.
8. Connect with others member, connect
accounts, and post a message.
15 mins. - 6. Groups Debrief
5 mins. - 7. Closing Social Media for Good Add'l Tools Video Productivity
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