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KULIPIbradas AngelPesiAnaNesi

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of iWONDER

HYPOTHESIS ZOMBIES What IF ZOMBIES would exist in the future? IWONDER..? SUBSIDIARY QUESTIONS What are 'ZOMBIES' ? What attracts 'ZOMBIES' most? What causes a 'NORMAL' human, to turn into a 'ZOMBIE'? I hypothesize that maybe they will exist in the future. I think that even though people believe that it is fiction it may still be TRUE An animated corpse that feeds on living human flesh. Dead person bought back to life through a curse, such as voodoo. What Are ZOMBIES? walking corpse, the living dead CONCLUSION Zombies are only fiction a What causes a NORMAL human to turn into a ZOMBIE Eventual Death MINUTES TURNING Zombies are highly enamored with fires and superficial lights during the night, or explosions and highly reflective surfaces during the day. WHAT ATTRACTS ZOMBIES MOST CREMATING ZOMBIES Bullet or sharp blow to the head FIRE Drawn to an interest of a car, or office window, when the alarm sets off, it attracts a much more larger crowd. MOVIES. The existence of
zombies true or false Did they really exist? Has zombification actually taken place? Some people say that zombies exist from a transmission of viruses but other people say that zombies are made from a brain parasite. Who knows? ZOMBIES eat brain and most of them can
live for about 1 year. SOLANUM slowly kills you slowly kills you slowly kills you Infections come from the zombies fluids spit blood & Caribbean island of Haiti VOODOO TRADITION Haitians believed that
magicians can revive the dead
and turn them into mindless soulless
servants, called zombies.
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