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Academic Road Work Sample

No description

Jesse Shapiro

on 21 August 2018

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Transcript of Academic Road Work Sample

Jesse Shapiro
Period 1

My Academic Road Map
Mr. Shapiro's
Academic Road Map
Intro: My career as a student has had many
ups, and downs. Over the years I have learned to use my strengths as a student to my advantage, and learned to compensate for my weaknesses.
Freshman Year
9th grade at Bret Harte Jr. High School was difficult. There was racial tension that caused fights to happen almost everyday. The distractions were hard to avoid and I never felt SAFE.
My priorities shifted and I stopped caring about what was best for me in the future, and only focused on what my friends wanted me to do in the present.
Cutting class and getting into trouble caused my GPA to drop as low as a 1.67!
I was too quick to let others influence me and didn't do enough thinking for myself.
Freshman Year Obstacle
I spent my Freshman year at Bret Harte Jr. High
Freshman Year Accomplishment

Even with all the distractions, I managed to pass Mr. Phillip's Geometry class. I wasn't very good at math but my teacher didn't give up on me which made me work harder.
I only got a "C" but I was proud of the grade I 'd earned.
I was able to do this because I remained POSITIVE when faced with a challenge.
When I began my Sophomore year, my parents decided to move the whole family out of Oakland because of the trouble I was getting into.
Sophomore Year
My parents decided to to move us up to Portland, Oregon.
Even though I missed my friends, and my home, I knew that Portland could be a new start for me.
I enrolled in Honors classes and was determined to make the most of my fresh start.
I started to act more PROFESSIONALLY, realizing that school was important.
Sophomore Year
Very quickly I discovered that I was not prepared for how hard the classes were .
Everyone there seemed smarter than me, and I wasn't used to all the homework they assigned.
By mid-year I had given up and started cutting classes again.
One of the weaknesses I had as a student was I would use anything as an excuse to give up.
I did not remain ON TASK which caused me to fall behind so far I could not climb out of the hole I'd dug for myself.
Sophomore Year Obstacle
I knew my Junior year would have to be a turning point in my life. Every year I had been saying next year I will get my self together but now I had to mean it because I was running out of time.
Junior Year
Going into my Junior year, my plan was to do my best, and stop making excuses all the time.
I wanted to change my attitude about school and figure out what I liked about it.
I knew that if I did this, maybe my grades would improve.
Again, it was really important that I remained POSITIVE despite the fact that it didn't look like I was going to graduate on time.
Junior Year Goals
The only subject I'd ever really enjoyed was History. It was the one class I always felt I could thrive in.
I decided to enroll in AP U.S History even though all the other kids in this class had really good grades.
The teacher saw that I was not on track to graduate and questioned why I was taking an AP class and whether or not I would be able to handle it.
I didn't get mad, I understood why he might think this and I remained RESPECTFUL and PROFESSIONAL.
I knew he was a good teacher and that he wasn't trying to insult me, he was just concerned.
I told him why I was taking the class and promised to do my best and he let me stay.
Junior Year Plan
for success.
I had figured out that I wanted to become a history teacher and began researching what I would need to get into this profession.
I found out that I would need a 4 year degree from a university and a teaching credential.
I knew that I did not have good enough grades to attend a university out of high school, and that I would have to finish high school before even thinking about college.
Senior Year Goals
I spoke with a counselor at my high school and told him that I didn't want to come back for a 5th year.
He told me that I could earn my GED while enrolling in Community College classes.
I did, figured out how to be a successful student once I was focused on my goal.
5 years later I had graduated from Portland State University and was set to be enrolled in the Teaching Credential Program at San Francisco State.
Senior Year Plan
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