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Out of the Dust Vocabulary Dictionary

Project By: Chandler Cook

Jim Cook

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of Out of the Dust Vocabulary Dictionary

This was fun! Out of the Dust Vocabulary Dictionary
Out of the Dust [book]
By: Karen Hess
Bounty Withered Definition: something that is given generously
Ex. We got a bounty of crops this year. Spindly By: Chandler Cook
Mrs.Walker Definition: long and thin.
Ex. The lightning very spindly. Definition: Become dry and shrivled
Ex. The wheat became withered Quaking Mended Definition: to repair something
Ex. My mom had to mend my jeans Scorched Thank you! Definition: to become burned when exposed to heat or flame
Ex. We scorched the meat so we couldn't eat it. The ribbon is sewed on. Definition: to shake or tremble
Ex. I was quaking in fear of the thunderstorm Squirreled Definition: to hide money or something of value in a safe place.
Ex. I kept my money squirreled away from my sister Writhed Definition: twisting, squirming movement of body
Ex. My sister writhed because she was nervous Tufts Definition:a bunch or cluster of small, usually soft and flexible parts, as feathers of hairs,attached or fixed closely together at the base and loose at the upper ends.
Ex. My grandpa has many tufts on his leg. Mortgages Definition: the charge of property by a debtor
Ex. My dad had to pay the mortgage for our house Vanished Definition: disappeared suddenly
Ex. my money had vanished from my wallet Excavating Definition: to dig out material from the ground
Ex. My brother was excavating to find buried treasure. Haunting Definition: difficult to forget or ignore
Ex. The girl is haunting me in my sleep. Basin Definition: a bowl for washing
Ex. I was washing the bowls in the basin. Festered Definition: [of a wound or sore] become septic suppurate
Ex.my leg was festered because of the accident. Agony Definition: extreme physical or mental suffering
Ex. My sister broke her arm and was crying in agony. Definition: having a broken uneven surface
Ex. The mountains were very rugged. Rugged Parlor Definition: a sitting room in a private house
Ex. I went into the parlor to play my violin. Wheezy Definition: making the sound of a person wheezing
Ex. The old car was wheezy. Smothered Definition: extinguish by covering it up
Ex. My dad smothered the fire. Parched Definition: dried out with heat
Ex. All our wheat was parched Drenching Definition: wet thoroughly
Ex. I was drenching from the rain. Slogging Definition: walk or move with difficulty of effort
Ex. The dog was slogging around because he hurt his foot. Tremble Definition: shake voluntarily
Ex. The trees are trembling above me. Mottled Definition: mark with spots or smears with color
Ex. The painting was mottled with color.
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