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The Greenhouse Effect

How it is destroying our planet and how we can stop it.

nadiyah person

on 18 December 2009

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Transcript of The Greenhouse Effect

The Greenhouse Effect How it is destroying our planet and how we can stop it. Light from the sun comes down to the earth
and living organisms absorb it. Then is return to the ozone layer as radiation, but the ozone layer absorb that and sends it back to the Earth, making it a cycle. But some radiation does escape back into space as infered light. Definitions:
Greenhouse Effect- warming of the Earth due to certain gases in the atmosphere.
Greenhouse Gases- corbon dioxide, nitrus oxide, methane, and water vapor.
Solar radiation- energy from the sun in electromagnetic waves.
Infared Radiation-engery re-radiated by Earth; lower wavelenghts.
Global Warming -artificial heatingof the Earth causes climate change.
Deforestation- cutting down trees on a mass scale.
Methane- 20 times powerful than carbon dioxide.

One major difference between the earth's greenhouse effect
and an actual greenhouse is that the panes of glass in a greenhouse trap heat, while greenhouse gases in the earth's atmosphere absorb heat. Methane is 20 times more powerful than carbon dioxide.It is very harmless to our atmosphere. One source where mehtane comes from is from a cow's burp. This is what a methane molecule looks like. Shown in this diagram is a greenhouse. The
greenhouse glass is absobing the light waves and
bringing it inside, therefore trapping ot inside with
no way back out. The Four Major Greenhouse Gases Are: methane
water vapor
nitrous oxide
carbon dioxide What Will Become of the Future
If we keep burning fossil fuels and keep meaking
greenhouses, this planet will become to warm for
all living organisms to live on. How Can We Prevent The Planet From
Becoming To Hot To Live On: One way we can prevent the planet from becoming
to hot to live on is to stop burning fossil fuels. We can use
energy resources, like wind, solar, hydroelectric, geothermal,
biomass, tides/waves, and/or fuel cells. Another way to stop
global warming is we can get rid of most of our greenhouses.
Some can stay, but most would have to go.
This picture represents what the greenhouse
is doing to our planet.
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