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More Than This by Patrick Ness

No description

Laura Moyer

on 28 August 2014

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Transcript of More Than This by Patrick Ness

More Than This

by Patrick Ness

Seth Wearing
- 16 years old
- main character and the story is told in his point of view
- committed suicide by going into the freezing ocean
- was bullied for being in a gay relationship
- felt responsible for his brother's medical problems/death
- 17 year old girl
- figured out what was happening with the online world problem
- was killed by her abusive stepfather pushing her down the stairs
- 11 year old Polish boy
- saved Seth and Regine from the Driver 3 times
- was an illegal immigrant and shot by a man who was taking them to a different country

Setting: Seth's old town back in England that he lived in before his family moved to America.

It makes Seth think about his old life and what had happened to his little brother
Some of his furniture that should be in America is still in the old house
It shows Seth, Regine, and Tomasz that the world they lived and died in wasn't real life

Seth, Regine, and Tomasz have to fight the Driver so they won't be reconnected back into the online world.

Seth is struggling to remain sane when every time he falls asleep, he has good and bad memories of his life in the online world.
I think the intended audience for this book is 14-17 year olds.
It has 472 pages which I think is a little to much for anyone under 14 and it mentions a little bit of a detailed gay relationship in Seth's flashbacks.
I think it would be a little boring and easy for people over 17 or 18.
"He blinks repeatedly, trying to see. The vague shapes around him slowly fall into place. He sees that he is not on the cold slab of a morgue-
He is-
He is-

Where is he?

Confused, he squints painfully into what now seems to be rising daylight. He looks around, trying to take it in, trying to see it, make sense of it all.
He seems to be lying on a concrete path that runs through the front yard of a house, stretching from the sidewalk to a front door behind him.
The house is not his own.
And there's more wrong than just that."
Prezi Presentation
by Laura Moyer

The Driver
- man-shaped robot covered in black synthetic looking material with a helmet
- drives a black vehicle that looks like a van
- carries a baton like weapon that electrocutes
- caretaker of the bodies
Seth wakes up alone outside his old house in England, while covered in conductive tape
Survives of murky tap water, old cans of food, and clothes he found in a store
Has dreams of flashbacks from his life
Finds a coffin inside his old bedroom with tubes and torn conductive tape inside
Seth meets Regine and Tomasz while running away from the Driver
They tell Seth about their theory which is they were in an online world and died but hit their head on the connection so they didn't die in real life
The Driver is trying to connect them back into their "coffins" which keep their real body alive
Regine gives Seth a map om how to get into the prison
He goes to it and sees over a thousand coffins
He searches his family and finds his parents except his little brother isn't there
Seth is saved from the Driver by Regine and Tomasz
He decides to reconnect into the online world to fix some things and to see if he can disconnect again
Regine gets captured by the Driver and reconnected online where she relives her death over and over again
Tomasz and Seth save her and fight the Driver who then disintegrates after being shocked by it's own weapon
Tomasz and Regine connect Seth back into his coffin and the online world for a test run to see if they can disconnect him
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