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Twitter for Teaching: can social media be used to enhance the process of learning?

Presentation for BBS Research Conference

Chris Evans

on 31 July 2013

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Transcript of Twitter for Teaching: can social media be used to enhance the process of learning?

Twitter for Teaching: can social media be used to enhance the process of learning
Technology may enhance the learning experience
Twitter use enhances learning, enjoyment and communication
What Do We Already Know about Social Media in Teaching?
Three factors emerged
Twitter usage is associated with increased student engagement including organising their social lives and sharing information
Use of social media for teaching is unexplored
Twitter increases general college engagement
Frequent Twitter usage increases performance in assessment
Increased Twitter usage will be associated with enhanced attitudes and experiences of students
Twitter does not in itself improve the relationship between a tutor and learners
Convenience sample 252 Level One student volunteers
Use of Twitter over a 12-week period
There is a strong relationship between Twitter usage and student engagement in course-related activities(e.g. sharing information and thoughts)
Using Twitter does not make learners less likely to attend lectures
Educational and social Tweets have different effects
Sharing personal information on Twitter increased perceived credibility
What are social media?
Technologies that allow connections between people and resources
Top 5 social media
Diverse non-academic student body
Thank you!
What Does This Mean?
Social Media Estimated Monthly Visitors

750, 000, 000
125, 000, 000
110, 000, 000
85, 500, 000
70, 500, 000
Source: ebizMBA (July, 2013)
(Lowe & Laffey, 2011)
(Johnson, 2011)
(Junco, Heibergert & Loken, 2011)
(Junco, Elavsky & Heiberger, 2012)
Frequency of login
Number of posts made
Number of people followed
Number of followers
17 Likert-scale questions

5-point scale

strongly disagree...disagree...neutral...agree...strongly agree
10 Twitter is a good way to post things a soon as I think of them
11 Twitter is a good way to keep a record of what I learn
12 Twitter is a good way to get information
13 I enjoy using Twitter
14 I use Twitter for social activities
15 I use Twitter to make personal connections with people
16 Using Twitter enabled me to communicate with my tutor outside my scheduled class
17 Using Twitter reduces the boundaries between students and tutors
18 Using Twitter makes my instructor more approachable
19 Using Twitter has enabled me to make better use of my time
20 Being able to read posts by other students was a positive aspect of using Twitter
21 I would like to see more use of Twitter for teaching in my modules
22 Use of Twitter means it is not necessary to attend lectures
23 Twitter can be an effective tool for teaching
Exploratory factor analysis
communication with tutor outside class, student-tutor boundary, tutor approachability, ability to interact with peers
effectiveness for instant communication, enjoyment, use for social relations

Twitter usage correlates with engagement, r(235)=.55, p<.005, 30% shared variance
No correlation between Twitter usage and Interpersonal, r(235)=.05, p=.46
No correlation between Twitter usage and attendance, r(235)=.01, p=.83
There is no evidence for support for the "attendance myth"
Twitter made a valuable contribution
More use should be made of Twitter
Twitter should be extended to other modules
Twitter was well received with the vast majority of students finding it made a valuable contribution and wanting to see its use extended
Future studies are planned to look at qualitative aspects including categorising Tweets as educational, administrative or social
1 Twitter made a valuable contribution
2 More use of Twitter should be made for this module
3 Twitter use should be extended to other modules
Information Transfer
Three Revolutions
50% of young population (18-30 years)
University in addition to job
Motivated by necessity
Funded by debt
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