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Giving Presentations

No description

Hubert Winkler

on 20 February 2014

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Transcript of Giving Presentations


Main Part

Conclusion (Questions)


Welcome Audience

Announce Topic

Present the Outline of the Presentation

Prepare and rehearse the intro carefully!!!


Go through your points, outlined in your intro

Step by Step progression -
make clear which point of the presentation
you are talking about

Use examples!
Main Part

Summarize, present results, draw conclusions

Make time for questions

Thank the audience and finish with a formal closure

Prepare your conclusion as accurately as your intro!!!


Use your hands and arms

Move around a bit but stay calm and concentrated

Draw attention to your visuals, but do not lose eye contact

Use small cards with keywords to guide you

Body Language

Speak slowly and clearly

Use formal language

Refer to your visuals

Use full sentences and avoid
gap fillers (ähm...)

Use linking words


Use them only to support your explanations

Use only few and only to help you make your points

If you show pictures or figures,
explain them

Visual Aids
Draw attention to content, not to appearance

Structure your handout and use a head section
(Topic, Subject, Date, Name)

Make the handout easy to navigate (Keywords)

Provide space for notes


Structure your presentation and
communicate this structure
Step by Step Progression; Examples

Use formal language and speak slowly
Use body language and visuals to support your points.

Maintain eye contact

Use your Conclusion to sum up

To sum up

Eye Contact
Visual Aids
Body Language
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