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Anissa Soto

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Experiments

Holocaust Experiments Ob Anissa Soto
5th Period Objective: To understand everything that happened to the victims of the holocaust during the experiments the Nazi's Josef Mengele: The most famous Nazi doctor of Auschwitz.
He was known for his obsession with twins.
In May1943 he reported to Auschwitz as an educated , experienced medical researcher.
He wanted to make a name for himself so he desided he would find out the secrets to heredity.
Thought research on twins would help them figure out how to make the master race so women would have germans with blond hair and blue eye with out a doubt.
About 3 thousand twins were taken from their families for experiments.
Only about two hundred survived...

Any unique heredity
"Zwillinge" = Twins. Who was experimented? Life For the Twins Day started at 6A.M.
Ate small breakfast.
Mengele's presence didn't really scare the kids. He was known for bringing pockets full of candy and chocolates and patting the children on the head and even playing with them. Some kids called him "Uncle Mengele".
Twins had the best conditions in Auschwits, well until the trucks came to take them to the experiments. Blood was drawn daily once the experiments started.
About ten cubic cenimeters per day.
Mengele kept the reasoning for his experiments a secret.
When they arrived to the lab they undressed and layed next to eachother. Everything about their bodies was examined and measured.
They would poisen one twin and not the other and once that one died they would kill the other to examine the bodies. The Experiments Eyes: Nazi doctors thought they could create blue eyes. so they would inject chemicals into the eyes of the prisoners.
This caused serious pain, infections, temporary or permanent blinding. Freezing/Hypothermia: Victims were subjected to freezing temperatures to see how the Nazis soldiers were taking the weather during war.
2 ways that were performed to freeze the victims was to put them in a tub full of freezing cold water. and the other
was to strap them to something and put them outside during the winter, naked. sometimes they would try to revive
them to see if there was a way that the germans could survive after freezing.
The cold water was figured to be best, they would shove a probe up their rectum to check their temperature.
The doctors discovered that at about 25 C the victim would fall into unconciousness and just freeze to death. SUn Lamps: INternal Irrigation: Warming by Body Heat: Genetic: Transplants: The Thought: If someone lost a limb or needed one. You could just put another one on.
The doctors would amputate limbs from the victims and unsuccessfully try to put them on others to see if they could actually be transplanted. Josef Mengele Karl Brandt Carl Clauberg Herta Oberheuser Good News: Lots of doctors were put to trial for their horrible crimes, and punished. Bad News:
some of the experiments helped our society today.
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