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Bradley Vink

on 24 November 2010

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Transcript of Biodiversity

Biodiversity the variety of species in an ecosystem How many species do you think there are on Earth? 1.5 million species identified Estimated 5 to 50 million species in total Factors that affect Biodiversity The closer you are to the equator the greater the diversity:
higher temperatures and more rainfall
eg. rainforest - 283 species of trees per hectare
eg. boreal forest - 15 species of trees per hectare
Benefits of Biodiversity Look at the following pictures. Which has more biodiversity? The more diverse an ecosystem, the healthier it will be.
diverse ecosystems can withstand disturbances such as droughts, disease, and the arrival of new species Which category is largest?

Which is the smallest?

Which two sections, if added together will make up more than half?

Can you tell how many birds were counted altogether? Explain.
Endangered: Any species at risk of extinction. Currently, 40% of species are considered endangered Extinct: A species that is no longer living. Only 332 left Only 720 left Only 100 left 350 - 450 left black footed ferret Phillipine Crocodile Siberian tiger Red wolf Mountrain Gorilla 23 females left
Western Grey Whale 300 left
Sumatran Rhinoceros California Condor Orangutan Ganges Shark Dodo bird Quagga Tasmanian Tiger Caribbean Monk Seal Pyrennean Ibex Golden Toad Carrier Pigeon Javan Tiger Baiji Dolphin What type of area makes up most of Ontario?

How much of Ontario is wetlands?

How much of Ontario is water?

What could 'other' represent? Other species at risk:
Polar bears, barn owl, swift fox, Atlantic cod What is the biggest threat to biodiversity?
What are two causes of extinction?
What is a biodiversity hotspot?
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