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Home Improvement & Maintenance

No description

Denise Serrano

on 16 March 2013

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Transcript of Home Improvement & Maintenance

Home Improvement
& Maintenance
Cost Efficient, Decorative, and Sufficiency LIVING ROOM KITCHEN BATHROOM BEDROOM EXTERIOR LANDSCAPE Pavers Desert Rocks Artificial Grass Theme Storage Organization Flooring Visually Appealing
Low Maintenance
Hides vehicle leaks Low maintenance
Easy to replace
Desert aesthetic Eco Friendly
Made of recycled products
Saves Water Windows Design FLOORING Carpet Hardwood Tiles Laminate $$ 0-$
$$ $$$ Requires maintenance and cleaning
Easily replaceable
Usually an included option in new homes
Easy to clean
Less maintenance then carpet
Thinner grout the better
Usually in the Wet areas Dryer climates require humidifier
Adds warmth and character
Usually the most expensive
shouldn't be cleaned with pledge
Alternative to hardwood
Man made product
Less maintenance then hardwood
Comes in bigger variety
* Uniformed flooring throughout the whole house creates the illusion that the space is bigger then it really is *Place accent colors all throughout the living room.
What are the accent colors here? Lighting Finishes Backsplash Stainless Steel Appliances Countertops COUNTER TOPS Stone - Granite Wooden Laminate $$$ $$ $ Traditional Favorite
Unique colors
Natural stone
Heat, stain, and scratch resistant
cost advantage
endless variations
requires more delicate care and use
not heat resistant
Clean with warm water and mineral oil once a month
Natural material
Can be heat and stain resistant Bathroom
Tips: Avoid carpet or wood floors to avoid water damage and mold Use organic cleaners to avoid harsh chemicals
Slightly open a window or fan during your shower to avoid trapping moisture BEDROOM TIPS & DIY Buy/Restore furniture that has aesthetic and functionality Keep items such as clothing, books, or items you are currently using in specific places and store the rest away to avoid clutter Add personality to your space by displaying your favorite things such as cameras, pictures, or your favorite pair of shoes
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