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Big Nate Strikes Again

Book Report

Tremar Dinham

on 28 April 2011

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Transcript of Big Nate Strikes Again

Big Nate:Strikes Again Hello fellow
classmates my
book report is on Big Nate:Strikes Again Big Nate:Strikes Again is about a boy named Nate Wright and he has to do a book report with the person he hates the most... GINA In the book big nate striks agian there is a boy named Nate Wright. In book number one Nate forgets his lunch at home and he gets a fortune cookie from his freind Teddy. Every week their coach picks team captain's for there baseball teams. This week Nate got picked and so did his mortal enemy RANDY dfgffgfggfg As you know nate got picked for team captain this week and you think that is a good thing right..... well it's not. Nate got picked for captin but the bad thing is RANDY did too and there is more GINA is on his team! Nate was suppose to bring in his team name too his coach but he forgot. So little miss I know everything A.K.A gina tells coach a team name that wasn't really the one nate chose. When nate found out he was ferious. Gina named the team Kuddle Kittens. So I haven't told you this yet but Nate has a crush on a girl named Jenny. Nate has tried to inpress Jenny so much times but that didn't work out because she started dating a guy named Aruther. So Nate finally had his first baseball game. The score of the game is 8-9 nates team down by one and nates up to bat. Nate is totaly in the zone until gina press that button on he stuffed animal and when the picher through the ball that noise distracted nate and he got three scikes and the lost the first game. Two days later gina show up at nates house to compare notes with nate and they ended up having a big agrgument and now gina is going to do the report by her self and give nate credit and gina is quiting the team so for nate this is not so bad. The next day nate put all that losing stuff behind him and the team came back with a 4 streak win to catch up to Randy's team the RAPTORS. So the gome starts off with the raptors in the lead. Randy is hiting runs like no tomorrow but nates team comes back to hit some off their own runs. The score is close and then it happens payback time. Randy is runing bases and then Pow! he stomps right on nates foot. Coach says it's not broken but its swelling so nate can't play.Gina kept her promise and she didn't play untill Chad says gina can play coach agree's and gina excepts. Gina is on bat and randy is on pitch and the Boom! gina hits that ball right out of here and the kuddle kittens win! One charactesistic about nate is that he is brave. I think that because he likes jenny and he is not afraid to admid that no matter what happens. Another characteristic about nate is that he is a kind person. I think that because if someone is making fun of his frenids he would stand up for them. A artifact that I think is inportant to the book is a furtune cookie. Nate got a furtune cookie from his frenid Teddy as I told you already and it said You will surpass all others. I think it is inpotant because at all times nate has it with him. I picked this picture because thare is so much frenidship in the book it's wierd and i think that is inportant I can connect to this picture because on time I got a furtune that said you will go far in life. I chose this picture because in the book the talk and play alot of baseball and i personaly like the sport. BY TREMAR
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