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Kaitlyn Clark

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of afgahnpoetry

Afghan Poetry By Kaitlyn Clark and Mariam Omar The poets Rumi Hafez Khayyam Rumi Born in Tajikstan in 1207, Rumi and his family travelled across the Muslim lands. At 24, Rumi was an accomplished student in religious and positive sciences. Rumi, who died in 1273, was the founder of the Malawi Sufi order, a brotherhood of Islam. What He Wrote About Most of Rumi's poems were about the love of God. This goes along with the Sufi belief that nothing that one does nothing to defy God and everything is motivated by the love of God. How He Affected The World Rumi's poetry formed the basis of much classical Iranian and Afghan music The teachings of Rumi serve as a great introduction to the practice and philosophy of Sufism. Barely known in the West as little as 15 years ago, Rumi is now one of the most widely read poets in the USA. Hafez His birth name was Shamseddin Mohammad. Hafez is a title given to someone who has memorized the Koran and it is claimed that he did this 14 different ways. Many of his poems were addressed to Shakh-e Nabat, a beautiful young woman. He died at age 69. What He Wrote About Hafez wrote about a variety of topics that include: Human and Divine love Fate and fortune youth and old age Envy and jealousy He also wrote many spiritual poems How His Writing Affected The World Although Hafez wasn't acclaimed in his own time, he influenced many other Persian poets after him. Although Hafez's poetry is influenced by Islam, he is respected by Hindus, Christians and many people of other religions. Khayyam Khayyam has been thought to have been born into a family of tent makers He spent part of his childhood in the town of Balkh, which is in current northern Afghanistan. What He Wrote About The meaning behind Khayyam's poems are up to interpretation by reader. How His Writing Affected The World Although Khayyam was an accomlished mathematician, in the West, he is mostly known for his poetry There is a lunar crater that is named after him.
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