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Advantages Disadvantages of living in an Urban, Rural, and S

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Jamie MacDougall

on 31 March 2014

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Transcript of Advantages Disadvantages of living in an Urban, Rural, and S

Advantages Disadvantages of living in an Urban, Rural, and Suburban area
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Bigger stores
Everything is in walking distance
bigger brand names
very busy
Nice buildings
not a lot of choice
nice views
More school options

Very expensive
Isn't always housing available

Urban Suburban Rural
-pros -pros -pros
good subway system +bigger roads, less traffic +no traffic
taxis -Cons -Cons
reliable bus system +not a lot of buses +no public transport
-cons +no subway +a car is a "must"
lots of traffic
Which is the best?
Each area to live in has there own traits, like how in the city you may not need a car, you can walk or use public transport. In a suburban area you'll have a bigger house that was cheaper than in the city. Or in a Rural area you will have a very big property, lots of privacy, and great views and less jobs. They're all unique in there own ways and different people have their own preferences.
So you can choose where you will want to live. Personally i would like to live in an urban area, I currently live in a suburban area. I think urban is the best for me because I could walk and use public transport, and everything is already close by.

relationship with store owners
everything is far away

not very busy
too far away to walk
Urban Suburban Rural
-pros -pros -pros
-lots of jobs -Lots of jobs +Natural resources
commercial/retail +manufacturing jobs + friendly community
commercial/offices +residential construction +tourism ex. outdoor activities
Education +retail -cons
Government +government +not many jobs, small variety
tourism -cons +fewer services
entertainment +less entertainment, tourism
-cons +less higher education ex. colleges
lack of manufacturing jobs
lots of choice lots of privacy
Big properties
nice looking houses
Local schools
low crime rate

lack of privacy
houses are close together
houses look the same
Big properties lots of privacy
housing is less expensive
very nice view

need a well
lots of wildlife
Houses are far away from everything
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