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Interest groups


roland marsh

on 6 June 2014

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Transcript of Interest groups

Interest group & Government
By Roland Marsh
POL - 215
•What is an Interest Group?
Identify a group
Discuss relationship with political parties
How does the group influence the state government?
What techniques does the group use?
How important is the interest group to your representative?
Summary of interest group

Interest Group
Identify group
Influence on Govt.
What is a interest Group?

-An interest group, also known as lobbies group, or special group; is an organized group that is determined to encourage or prevent changes in public policy without any interest or attempts to be elected. Such groups are formed among individuals who share common ideas, views, beliefs, and commands; where they work hard in trying to influence government officials' decision making by presenting their ideas and beliefs directly to them. (Wilson, 2009).

Pro-life interest group
- (Anti-Abortion group) Pro-Life Action League is one of those groups, which was founded by Joseph M. Scheidler in 1980, the National Director of Pro-Life Action League in Chicago and now across the nation. The main mission of the league is to bring awareness to the public through the media, with the goal of stopping abortion through activism. The League's main activities include their presence outside abortion clinics where they pray and try to reach out to women to provide them with other alternative in the effort to try and alter their decision.

: The relationship that the pro-life or right to life interest groups share with rep. seat holders are on common grounds of interest. Their ideology on the topic of abortion are common ground linked and are against it. In April the rep. party in Tallahassee passed two bills that would give more restrictions on abortion.
House Bill 59 passed 74-42 along party lines.
: The relationship between this party and the interest group are not so favorable and on the other hand the ideology are on two separate platforms of thinking.
Democrats argued that if this bill became law it could be used in circumstances where a woman who didn't know she was pregnant does something others deem reckless and loses the baby.
June 5, 2014

University of Phoenix
(Pro-Life Action League)
Lobbying: “the process of influencing public and government policy at all levels: federal, state, and local"
financial resource
Excellent persuasion skills
addressing thier issue or point of view on a specific topic as vital.
petitions and letter writing campaigns
public demonstrations
media campaigns
attending public meetings
legal action
illegal action
The pro-life action group also known in Florida as the right to life group, I do not think will have a great deal of importance to my representative.Initally I thought to my self political party must have something to do with my opinion.
The representative that I aide to is all for pro-life but also thinks every female or couple has the right to decide whats best for there future and to take in consideration the new era we live in of open mindedness I don`t think it would be in the best interest of my employer to pursue this interest group .
Dear, Mr/Mrs. representative I would like to inform you and bring you up to speed on my extensive research analyzing a particular interest group in Florida that I believe you should know about. It was brought to my attention that Right for life also known nationwide as the pro-life league, are seeking to persuade fellow representatives on the following matters of Abortion. This organization will do anything and are willing to invest any amount of financial resource to change the law or to see a bill be amended. I believe that you must be prepared to acknowledge this group whenever the opportunity is given. Therefore, in your best interest of also promoting pro-life and stand behind the constitution, Amendment 1" all people are equal, to live a life of liberty in the pursuit of happiness. Meaning every individual has a right to make thierr own individual choice and to uphold the land of democracy when exhausting their human rights. Its not the Governments choice to decide.
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