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No description

Kai Saterstrom

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of Racism

Has anyone ever said something racist to you, or about you?
Have you ever heard someone say something racist?
Did you know that through 1950-1960 interracial marriage was not allowed?
That means it would have been illegal for a Black individual and a White individual to get married.
Cross The Line
Has anyone in your family been affected by racism?
Have you bullied someone in a racist way?
Have you ever made a judgement about someone without knowing them?
Have you ever felt like someone excluded you from something because of your race, gender, or other reasons?
Thank you for participating in Cross The Line.
Please Be HONEST! Don't wait until you see your friend go to the line, go on your own!
Stop Racist bullying!!!
Why do people think that something as permanent as race , something we have no choice in, can make us better than another person?”-Sarah, 16

When the question goes up on the board walk to the center of the room if the question involves.
Do you know anybody that is prejudice?
I`m Kai, Bibianny, Marcela,
Kainoa, and Jose Luis.
We are here because we are doing a project about bullying and all different kinds of bullying.

Today we will be talking about racism.
hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.
Having a bad opinion about someone because of their race, religion, or other things about them.
Involving members of different races. Ex: interracial marriage.
Treating someone differently (usually in a bad way) because of their race, gender, religion, or other things about them.
Thank you for being honest and we hope you liked our presentation. DON'T BE RACIST!!!!!
Jim Crow Laws
Civil Rights Movement
No child of color can attend a White only school
Whites can not play games with a colored person
A Black male could not shake hands with a White male
Hispanic students were segregated from White students
It was in San Diego

The Lemon Grove Incident
Blacks and Whites were not allowed to go to the same school
Blacks and Whites were not allowed to go to the same bathroom!

Why does this matter ?
What we are talking about is important because racist language and behavior is not a good thing
For ex. The civil rights movement, black men got killed for even talking to white women
I just want to remind you guys if you are bullying someone in a racist way or you see someone get bullied in a racist way, you cant change something as permanent as race or color
We talked about racism today because we see it is a issue at HTMCV, we don't want it to keep being a problem especially since we have a lot of different races at our school
We are here because we want you guys to see how many people have been affected by racism, to show you guys how many people have been affected by racism we are going to be using a cross the line activity. You guys will be surprised by how many people have been affected by racism.
We are going to share some historical things that have happened about racism in the past. We hope this helps you see how serious this is. For example we will be talking about Jim crow laws, Lemon grove incident and the Civil rights movement
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