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Kate Darnell

on 2 March 2011

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Transcript of UOIT

Uinversity Of Ontario Institute Of Technology UOIT University of Ontario Institute of Technology Hockey Team Library Residence Building Classrooms Receration and Wellenss Centre Robotics Competition Eco Car Competition Programs Game Development and Entrepreneurship

Mandatory First Year Course Graphic Design Costs First Year Tuition $5,214.00 First year residence cost$5,000–$6,100 Highschool Requirements 4U/M credits (including one U level math) A Carreer this program can lead to... Web Developer Job Description
A web developer works either alone or in a group to create resources for the internet such as; sites, applications, and services. These resources may be for public use or only accessible on an internal site. An example of some typical work done by a web developer is updating websites, this may include; improving user friendliness, modifying sites to work with different browsers (such as Safari or Google Chrome), and making the webpage more appealing. To become a web designer you need skills in programming, and communication. The general requirements for this job are; fluency in at least one programming language, ability to create websites, and to be able to monitor online applications. Also a web designer must have an understanding of; servers, internet systems and databases. Post secondary education required is a degree in computer studies.
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